a quick sketch from 2006

tundra swans at Middle Creek

This sketch is about to get wasted. I’m using the back of the paper. This will get ruined so here it is to be seen for the last time.

I remember it was 06 because that was a strange time in my life. I sold the house in Chesterfield because I knew the market was in a bubble and I didn’t feel safe there alone. I put my stuff in storage and went to PA. For a couple years I bounced around between PA and VA. I was a gypsy. It was great.

I couldn’t settle down for long. I couldn’t pick another house or an apartment so I lived with this lady or that lady. Finally I got an apartment but still, I want to keep moving even up to last year.

The apt. I have now is quiet and no one is bugging me so I will probably renew my lease in April. I’m not sure. I’ll decide when I hear if the rent goes up or not.

6 thoughts on “a quick sketch from 2006”

  1. The best art I have done seems to be when I have reused some old art that became the underpainting for new. I keep old paintings on paper and chop them up and collage on new art. Nothing is wasted in the art room! 😁😉👍

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  2. Chris! I always love to see your work, If I had to describe a person who understood nature from its soul, it would be you! You can feel nature and it transpires in your work. I have seen so many artists try to do what you do, but none can match how you “feel” your work, it is soulful! Miss you and even though these trying times have definitely made this world a very strange place and a dangerous one, I find you here and can find some solace in the beauty of nature and how very well you make the audience feel it in all its glory! Hope you are well and sending love and best wishes always! Keep creating, I think you are the only that can make nature more enjoyable through your work, because you can make it speak to us !

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    1. Hi Helene, Thanks so much! Good to hear from you! I appreciate your kind words! It’s encouraging! Your paintings have soul too! I hope you are well and still kicking ass! Rock on sister!


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