6 thoughts on “This meme had me laughing”

  1. That is a very disturbing image. And the joke seems racist. To be honest, I feel too disturbed by all this to understand how it can be funny… I like your own art far better, dear Chris. xoxo

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    1. Yeah, I wondered if someone might find it offensive. Sorry about that. It’s the thing about making fun of the Chinese which I’m ok with for sending us corona. Also the thing about the anal swab test in their airport and the helmets covering their eyes. And that it came out of some old painting depicting a war between I don’t know who. It’s in bad taste, I know. I’m just a peasant with bad taste, not a real high class artist. I was still laughing later. I guess that was insensitive and racist of me to put it up there. It’ll be covered up by new posts soon.

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