tidal pool / charcoal and chalk

This is what I decided on for my next plein air painting. I hope that pool doesn’t dry up. It looks like it will be easy to paint.

It’s going to rain again tomorrow, Mon. sunny and cold. I don’t mind cold but if it’s windy I can’t paint on the beach. Then more rain and maybe snow is coming for a few days.

The weather is keeping me at home too much. I started a flower painting and worked on it a few times at home when it was yucky out, maybe I can finish it tomorrow.

Today was beautiful outside for a change. Sunny and cool with a little breeze. A lot of people were enjoying the beach.

4 thoughts on “tidal pool / charcoal and chalk”

    1. Thanks, Gretchen! I think they might haul more sand in to stop the beach erosion. I’m not sure if I’ll get to paint this spot or not.
      After so much bad weather I’ll go out when it’s in the 30s if it’s not too windy. Fortunately the weather is going to be ok for a few days. It usually goes up to 40 this time of year. Today it’s 60 but I shopped instead of working on my painting.


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