self portrait

This is modern art. I don’t feel like standing in front of a mirror and trying to get a likeness. What if it comes out looking cartoonish? That’s ok. It could even come out looking grotesque and that’s fine too.

Do I need to “labor” over this? nah. Do I need to mix natural skin colors? Just use what’s left from the previous painting and is drying up on the palette.

It can be for fun on a rainy day when you just want to goof around. I taped my paint brush to a yard stick like one of my favorite artists, Matisse. In fact, it was so much fun I might do more.

Since I’ve been trying to do modern art when I’m stuck at home because of bad weather, I can’t tell if it’s improving my skill or not. I did get the feeling it’s affecting me in some way I can’t describe exactly. It’s a mental thing. I’ll probably go back to traditional style when the weather improves. I’m tired of the cold rain, almost drove to FL. but 95 is probably a mess.

11 thoughts on “self portrait”

    1. It’s possible it might give me freedom of thought. I’m not a big fan of Picasso, but he can be an inspiration in some ways.
      When I was a kid I wanted private art lessons from a local artist, Jay McVey in Ephrata. My dad picked me up afterwards and asked Jay how I did. Jay said I could be the next Picasso. I took it as a compliment but my dad thought it was a put down and my private lessons ended. I saw my dad make a face at that idea.


      1. Glad you had the opportunity to go to the foundation art school! My art school was a 3 year trade school and I got a pretty good start there. I wasn’t really interested in a university, and I’m not sure my parents would have paid for that anyway because to the PA Dutch art is a nice hobby but not a career. Thanks for sharing!


      2. I think it will eventually be free for everyone. Why should poor people be denied furthering their education just because they don’t want the debt? I think first they’ll forgive all student loans. It has to happen here. It’s ridiculous as it is.

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