They’re trying to lure me to Texas

I don’t know if I’d get accepted. I’d be up against real plein air professionals. Their art pays the bills.

I had a great time at Fall Color Week at the Ghost Ranch in 2019. This Texas thing is a contest and I’m not real hot on competitions . The Ghost Ranch was like art camp for 1 week, not a contest. It was beautiful and they fed us well. Both events are from the Plein Air magazine.

When plein air contests got popular maybe 15 years ago or something like that, I entered when they came to Richmond but didn’t get in. I never heard why. And back in those days I entered the contests this magazine has but I never even heard from them if they received my entry which was a little discouraging to keep on entering. I got my daughter to help me with the entries to be sure it wouldn’t get hung up on some filing error. So, I don’t know why I never heard back.

I said I wasn’t going to enter anymore but this could be another great adventure like the Ghost Ranch. This Texas thing would be an expensive vacation but fun. I like the part about the artists can stay at the ranches before the event starts. At least I’d have time to decide where to paint.

I heard that they stamp the back of your blank canvases at the start so no-one can have more time to paint than the others. I’m kinda slow but might be able to finish something in a week if I work on it every day.

Should I enter? If I send them my swamp painting in the entry they might reject me because they’ll see it took me a long time to paint it and that’s against their preferred style, but the swamp painting is one of my favorites.

I might trade the Taurus for a Bronco if I take this trip. I need more clearance on dirt roads. I like my Fords. They have the most comfortable seats and they’re strong cars.

21 thoughts on “They’re trying to lure me to Texas”

    1. Yeah, I can tell it will be a highly social event. I’m not good at that. I might not make it to all the events they usually have at those things, if I get in. I already know it will be hard work too because I only have 1 week. But it will also be an adventure and I might regret if I don’t try. I hope they don’t read this.

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      1. The Ghost Ranch trip was over $2000 but I drove and took extra time. It’s 3 or 4 days from here for me by car but that’s better than flying cause I can take all my stuff and leave when I want to.

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  1. I visited the website and to me it seems geared to highly competitive artists, mostly hyper-realistic. The organization wants you to fill up the exhibit space with work as you produce it, so I don’t know how that would sit with you but it’s one more thing to think about. Assuming you do fill that space they want 40% commission for whatever sells, even after you’re back home again with your paintings for the next six months. They also want a hi-res full-front photo of you for publicity purposes. I don’t keep that sort of thing handy but maybe you do😁. Anyhow it’s only 40 bucks to enter. Another quirk is this:
    “List your 3 accomplishments starting from most recent to least recent.”
    What kind of accomplishments? They don’t say. Biggest sale? Getting a gallery? Moving to Texas??😂😂
    Yeah, so chew on all that for a while and see if you think you could have a hassle-free good time or maybe not even care about the structure of the event and just go there to paint new stuff at your own pace.

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    1. oh geez they’ll look me up and x me out already. I was kind of afraid of faking it. At the Ghost Ranch they also wanted to have a running gallery of what was being produced every day and I put a painting in at around the 4th night or so. Then I put another in at the end of the week but took it back later that night because no one was watching the exhibit and a lot of people not involved with the art camp were walking through. They didn’t care if I only put two in. The others filled the space. Eric would ask at the announcements, “Who did 2 paintings today?” and a lot of hands went up. The he’d ask who did 3 and even 4. I told the people I was dining with I can’t do it and I’m here to have fun. or something like that. If you pay that much why should they care? Eric always talked about the plein air family, it was supposed to get you to go together as groups and make new life long friends but I kept to myself as usual and snuck out after breakfast before he started the announcements. I needed the early light. Also, the plein air movement slowed down in the past few years. They had plein air contests in so many places but less artists entered. Then with corona they had to cancel events.
      3 accomplishments? I guess they want wins and sales, darn it. A photo of me for publicity? Do they want people to come or not? hahahahah
      oh well, I can still go it alone out west if I want to or they might have art camp again in a place I want to go, where it’s not so serious a thing. Thanks for the info.

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