sedge and path / underpainting

Finally! some nice weather! It’s sunny and cool and calm today and I made some progress on this. The painting is going pretty fast so I hope I can finish this in another week or so. I’m anxiously awaiting the red buds to bloom for my next painting. I’ve been walking at the botanical gardens lately and the red bud trees aren’t showing buds, but that could happen real soon. Daffodils are blooming and I saw some early blooming pink trees when I was driving around.

I’m enjoying painting on paper with oils. One time saver with paper is that I’m not sanding or putting gesso on a canvas. Priming and tinting a canvas takes a few hours. Paper is more practical than canvas when you start to accumulate a lot of canvases and have limited space to store them.

I’ll go over this whole thing again.

2 thoughts on “sedge and path / underpainting”

  1. We still have so much snow…it will be a long while before we see daffodils or any other flowers…I didn’t know that you could use oils on paper! How long would that take to dry? I have never worked with oils…

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    1. Oils are working on paper but the first coat soaks in a little. It dries enough overnight to work on it the next day.
      Yeah, it’s a whole different climate. I have to drive north if I want to see snow, you have to go south if you want an early spring.


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