Sandy Path / oils

It doesn’t really look exactly like this. Even though I’m trying to paint nature as closely as I can, this is still my interpretation of the scene. If you got 100 artists who are called realists or naturalists or whatever to paint here, you would get 100 different versions. If I paint the same scene in a few years it won’t look the same.

The colors in this photo aren’t as warm as they are in real life.

If you saw the previous posts, did you notice there were no trunks on the trees across the creek? What if I wanted to simplify? Just make general shapes and not do detail? Those tree trunks wouldn’t be missed but I like them there because they are a design element of short gray vertical lines that remind me of a ladder on its side.

I don’t see nature as simple so I don’t like to leave it at the underpainting stage of general shapes.

The greenish yellow bush on the right is there to break up the line of the edge of the path. As I looked at my painting last night, I decided to kill that sharp edge a little.

This scribble is a stick bush. I did that with my palette knife. It’s another design element to make the viewer’s eye go to the path since the stick bushes follow the edge of the path.

First I used my modified fan brush to go over the whole sedge field again and unify it a little. The dark shadows were too dark. The field is more even than I had originally painted it. Today’s glaze was a correction and now I think its better.

I used the edge of my palette knife to scrape in these stems for the sea oats. The vertical sharp lines here and the softer vertical lines of the tree trunks across the creek are similar design elements, one in the foreground and one in the background. It’s already there. I didn’t have to do any composition, which isn’t my strong suit, all I had to do was copy the beauty.

We have had some great weather for over a week and I hope it lasts. Today I needed suntan lotion. Soon I’ll have to bring the bug spray.

21 thoughts on “Sandy Path / oils”

    1. Thanks! When I did the first few lines I was like, oh no! did I just wreck this? Then I continued on with it cause if I ruin it I don’t care! hahaha apathy. Then I thought its ok.


      1. I’ve been thinning the paint with a few drops of terpenoid first then moving a blob of it to the painting with a brush and then scraping through it with the palette knife. Also the painting is slick because of my coat of Maroger medium which is painted on the dry painting first. If you don’t want Maroger medium another type of medium might work but Maroger is the slickest. You might not like the extra steps but you could get a different look if you go about it in a different way.

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      2. I have one I’ll be posting. I’m about a month ahead on scheduled posts, so it will be sometime in April. I’ll be mentioning you when I post it. May I link to your blog?

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