a car like this knows the story of my life

1972 TR6

Last night I dreamt I saw the car. It belonged to my best friend, Dick Clayman of York PA who died in 2001. He left the car to me and I kept it for years but eventually sold it because keeping an antique car running can be too expensive.

The car was the symbol of our friendship. He was an old man, I was a young chick. He talked constantly but he was trying to impart his wisdom to me since he and his wife didn’t have any kids. They kind of adopted me. His wife was very kind. They had me over to eat every day when I was in art school. They were my neighbors. Dick drove me all around PA. MD. and VA. in the TR6. We enjoyed each others company. He was an opera singer, a tenor, and he often sang arias while we were driving around in the country with the top down. La Boheme was his favorite. He’d sing in Italian then ask me if I knew what it meant. I didn’t but he told me what the words meant. He brainwashed me on how to be an artist. He taught me more than anyone else. That’s where I got my attitude. (from a tenor)

In my dream, I was going to the mall with another friend and when I saw the car I ran back inside looking for Dick. He was in the bathroom. I called in, “Can I come in, Dick?” He said, ” Wait a minute.”.

I guess I was in the land of the dead in my dream and he didn’t want me to go in too soon.

I’m not afraid of dying. There’s a chance I could see Dick again. I might live a long time. My Mom’s 98 but she has dementia now and is being well taken care of in a luxurious old folks home. She didn’t want me to live with her and take care of her. Now I know it would have been too hard for me to do that. She needs professional care givers. Anyway, I hope I don’t live to be 98 because I won’t be able to drive. And I love driving thanks to Dick.

This is just a little snippet of my weird life. It was always weird and I thought of starting to write it down when I knew Dick but he told me not to. He said. “That path is yours alone and it might not be a good idea to write it down.” It’s for me to learn from and no one else will get the lessons from it. So this is all I’m writing.

He’s dead 20 years now. I had a lot of other friends but none like Dick.

12 thoughts on “a car like this knows the story of my life”

  1. I’m not an official dream interpreter but I have found that when someone I actually knew appears in a dream it’s usually because I have an issue that relates to something they may have had influence over or taught me in real life. One particular person appears when I have trouble deciding that something I’m doing is right or I’m having trouble getting through something. This person represents reassurance and lets me know everything will be okay. The odd thing about it is that this person is still on the planet although I haven’t seen or talked to him in probably 40 years 😁.

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  2. He sounded like a great friend! You were blessed to have someone like that in your life.

    I had someone like that too….he is still alive, but I don’t see him anymore. From time to time I will have dreams about him. The last one was of him opening a coin purse of mine and dropping in a bunch of coins. I have no idea what that was all about! I dream weird stuff all the time. 😜.
    Great story!

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    1. Yes, I was lucky to know him. My blogging friends, if you had a friend like Dick and they’re still alive call them.
      I think the coins might mean change. Did your friend change you?

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    1. Yeah, He ordered it from the factory with the steering wheel on the left then drove it all around Europe and shipped it home. He was a big drinker so he probably scared a lot of people over there with the crazy driving!. hahahah


  3. Such a lovely story and wonderful memory. I had a mentor who was like a father to me. We actually met online. Difficult to believe that you can develop a relationship with someone that you have never met in real life. Later, I flew out west to visit him and his family. He’s been gone for ten years and I still miss him. Cherish the memories.

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