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geological surveys on Mars show it’s hollow and filled with oil and water / mono print

Are you an artist or writer and you’re stuck with a project or maybe just not in the mood to work on it? Don’t beat yourself up over it. It happens to all of us. The thing about creativity is, I can’t force it. I guess there are writers or visual artists that can push through a block but I’m the type to put the project down until a better time.

Mars gets wifi / mono print

It can help creativity if you simplify your life. It takes a certain mental state like alpha brain waves or something for an artist to be in the groove, in the zone. If you have a job, family to care for, responsibilities etc. that’s enough to block the right brain waves. Time spent alone can help reset your brain to be creative.

dinosaur egg found on Mars / mono print

Your art is for your enjoyment. If you’re not enjoying it you should take a break and do something else. Just because you are creative doesn’t mean you owe the world your creativity. Unless you think the world owes you. In that case maybe you do owe the world. But as for me, I don’t owe the world. I wouldn’t like to feel “driven” like some artists feel. For me that would be an unbalanced mental state. And when I think about the meaning of “driven” I can’t relate metaphorically. I’m in control of my car. I’m the driver. I leave when I’m ready to go.

first murder on Mars

It doesn’t have to be something difficult, if you’re experiencing a creative block. You can goof around and amuse yourself like I do with these mono prints. There are tons of fun projects for writers too. I’ve seen things like black out poetry and some kind of games that writers can do for fun if the novel isn’t happening today. If you’re a writer you probably know more fun writing projects than I do. I know fun paint projects.

This advice is for artists that are not professional. If the art doesn’t pay the bills, who cares if it happens on any given week. If art does pay the bills, you probably know how to push through a block. If you’re an amateur like me then you’re doing art because you love it. That’s the true meaning of amateur. It’s good for me because it’s no stress. If it was a real job it would only be a short time before I want to quit. Give me a week to make someone mad by saying something stupid or someone making me mad and I’m outta there. Taking it easy on yourself leads to longevity in your art.

9 thoughts on “advice for creative people”

  1. The metaphor of being in a car and having control makes me nervous. Cars are unnatural and uses an external source of energy and therefore makes us lazy and probably a contributing factor to the artist’s block among other negative side effects…lol. Going for a walk to someplace nice helps for me. Thanks for the post.

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  2. Love those paintings!
    Yes, for sure – doing something else, maybe something completely different – can help. Sometimes doing the same thing but in a new (or very old) way can, too.
    And WOW you’re so right about simplifying. Right now I’m in the middle of chaos and am nearly frozen in place by it. All my creative energy’s being spent on bringing order to life.
    Great post!!

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    1. Hi Robin, Thanks about the paintings and post! Sorry to hear about the chaos sapping your energy. That won’t last forever. Then you will be able to pick up where you left off with your creative projects.

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  3. I agree with not rushing to finish something. I keep about 5 paintings in work at the same time, just to relax my decision making and give myself time to look over my unfinished stuff– especially while undercoats of paint are interacting with the top layer.

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