connections to the past / mono prints

Isn’t it funny when your kid thinks they’re smarter than you?

If you lived through some bad stuff and people tell you to, “Let it go”, that might not be good advice.

You might think you know what happened but you might not figure it all out until you’re over 50!

If it’s on your mind when you’re trying to sleep years later, there’s a lesson in there for you that you didn’t get yet.

We have to learn from the bad stuff because more bad stuff might happen and we will be better able to deal with it if we know what didn’t work before.

16 thoughts on “connections to the past / mono prints”

  1. Very wise insight. Iโ€™m experiencing similar symptoms too (not able to sleep thinking of the past) as I get older. An interesting observation my barberer (sp) ,who is much older, said the worst things that happen in his life turned out to be the best things now that he is older. Weird yet I find some truth in that.

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    1. Thanks. I’m glad you can relate. Very interesting idea from your barber too. I can see how bad things could turn into good in some way. Did he say what thing went that way in his life?


      1. He had a triple tragic event happened all at once – passing of his mother, divorced and drinking out of control. And now heโ€™s quite happy to be away from his ex. The death of his mother in some way prepared him for his own demise and thus taught him to appreciate those still living. Controlling his drinking taught him discipline.

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      2. One would think so. In some ways, aren’t we all strong as there really isn’t a choice when tragedy hits? On a slight tangent, I’ve notice the birds they sing all day pretty much and contemplating this helps me sleeps. Their life isn’t easy either as they are constantly on alert and have lost many loved siblings from predators but they go on singing. It is as if they’ve accept this fact over the millennia. Or perhaps they are singing to express their grieve or happiness or whatever. The point seems to be they are singing constantly because they can while they are alive.

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      3. Those are beautiful thoughts!!! Thanks so much for brightening my day! I hear a bird singing at night outside my apt. too. They are an inspiration.


  2. We can also learn the good things that can happen when we begin to look at ourselves differently. If we try something new and begin to succeed in what we do, maybe the old feelings can change for the better.

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  3. These photos are making me dizzy because it looks like we are viewing Earth, through clouds, from orbit. Terrifying.

    And, yes, all kids think they are smarter than you (naughty! naughty!). That’s because they (we?) are dumber.

    And, yes, all people who have never been through what you are going through, but are just observing your situation from outside, think they can see exactly how you should handle it. Only those who have been through it themselves know that sometimes there are no good options.

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    1. That’s an interesting perspective on the photos. Totally unintended on my part but the art viewer’s interpretation is the correct one, is what I was taught.
      Thanks for your thoughts and insight on the situation!

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