stars and planets spiraling in a downward tornado into a black hole

stars and planets spiraling in a downward tornado into a black hole

I don’t know what happened to my wordpress thing here. Before, if I clicked on” write” a bar for a title was at the top of the post but now that bar is gone. So I clicked in the box and typed in “title” then I get a line to type on but it’s showing the title twice. If I try to erase one line they both get erased. I fooled around with it but I can’t figure it out. The blue question mark wasn’t getting me anywhere either and even my daughter can’t figure it out, so, oh well, maybe it will fix itself, who knows.

OK, back to art talk.

I’ve been doing modern art all week because the weather isn’t good for plein air lately. The modern art is fun and fast. I could knock out 5 in a day, or even more, but is it just a waste of paint or will it eventually make a better artist out of me? It seems to me that if you want to improve at a difficult game like art you have to challenge yourself and modern art, fun as it is, is no challenge.

All you have to do is throw some paint down, smear it around or don’t smear it or whatever you feel like doing, then look at it and think of a title. I guess most art viewers like a title because people want to make sense of things.

When I’m doing that, it’s like making a little Rorschach test for myself. The art viewer gets a glimpse into my subconscious. Maybe if I keep doing modern art the art viewers will feel like they know me.

I’ll let the viewers make the call on the question of will this make a better artist out of me. Meanwhile, it looks like more rain is in the forecast so I might continue with this for a few more days. At this time of year if I want to go out to draw in plein air, I have to get up early, and check the local radar for rain. If it gets too late it’s too hot out.

7 thoughts on “stars and planets spiraling in a downward tornado into a black hole”

  1. I gotta say, the titles do help. Although often, your prints suggest things to me anyway.

    The idea of the art + title being basically a glimpse into your subconsciousness reminds me of that “exhibit” “The Artist Is Present” where viewers just sit down at a table across from the artist and stare at her. 😀

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    1. It’s always good for an artist to hear how others see something they made.
      That’s funny, sitting across from an artist and staring. I guess that’s “conceptual” art, or “con” artist, as I like to call it. The artist needs to convince you into believing this is art.


  2. WordPress seems to be getting more and more broken as every day passes. I keep hoping that one day they’ll wake up and realise that the morons they have ‘designing’ the ‘upgrades’ need to be taken out and shot.

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    1. Yeah, they really didn’t improve it with the new editor. Maybe someone there is reading my posts, I don’t know. Just shoot them with a water pistol! hahaha We don’t need blood spilled over it!

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