a view from a yurt / charcoal and chalk

Another beautiful morning to draw in plein air!

First Landing State Park built 3 or 4 real nice yurts last year. The deck is higher than the dunes so you get a nice breeze through the big windows. This one was empty today so I sat on one of the big chairs on the deck to sketch. That’s the Chesapeake Bay and pilings and in the distance is the start of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, a marvel of modern engineering, in my humble opinion.

Some campers came up on the deck to check out the yurt when I was sketching. I don’t know what it costs to rent one.

They don’t have electricity which was a concern for the campers because if the wind dies down they might get hot but you can go underneath and the sand will be cool. They are roomy with a big bed and a trundle bed, table with 4 chairs and a couple smaller tables and a sofa. Outside they have a bunch of big chairs, and a picnic table on the deck which goes the whole way around the yurt. On the sand they have another picnic table and a grill and a fire pit.

It’s nice to sit on the deck and you could have a sunset view from there. This view would be better to paint in the fall because the morning light isn’t that great. I’m thinking of going back in the fall and try to sketch at the other yurts too then possibly do a painting from one of them.

Tomorrow I’ll go back to the spot where I was yesterday and start on my dune painting from Back Bay.

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