quick sketch on the beach

The wind was whipping on the beach again yesterday but in town it was only breezy. I heard some cicadas as I was walking back to my car on the road through the campground at First Landing State Park. I don’t know if they are a part of the big bug invasion this year or not.

The water was choppy. This is the Chesapeake Bay. We don’t get big waves there. Some people surf at the ocean front but if I want to paint big waves with sunlight shining through the curl I might have to drive to the West coast because the waves here aren’t that big. I might go down to Back Bay to sketch waves this summer. The waves are a little bigger but you’re not allowed to surf there and there’s less people on the beach because no swimming either.

I watched a kid running up the sand with a boogie board and quick sketched her but then erased it because I knew I drew her too small. Since I was sitting on the sand everyone’s head was above the horizon line except the person sitting under the canopy and the dog. I like the figures from my position sitting on the sand because having them break up the horizon will make a better composition than if I’m standing and all the heads are on the horizon. That’s a little perspective fact I must have forgotten and remembered yesterday, about sitting down or standing up to draw a figure changes where the head will be on the horizon. I really want to practice painting wet sand reflecting a figure and sky with wet sand not reflecting and also waves. All those things will make it a very challenging project for me but I enjoy looking at paintings where an artist can paint waves and reflections convincingly and I didn’t do that yet. I should try to get more sketches this summer and possibly paint it when it cools down and we have less vacationers on the beach in the fall.

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    1. Thanks, but charcoal is the easiest for me. You can erase as often as you want with a Kneeded eraser and not wreck the paper and you can block in shapes with charcoal faster than with a pencil.

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  1. The Chesapeake Bay flashes me back to my high school days, when my family lived a couple of blocks from the beach off 7th Bay and Pretty Lake Ave. The beach residents would allow us kids to pass through their property where we’d swim, have moonfish fights, and occasionally catch crabs. (Had to sometimes watch out for the really mean jellyfish.) And on weekends some of the shore restaurants would have “All the crabs you could eat” for a dollar. I was depressed when I came to California and saw one crab in a supermarket for $3. Man, us kids could catch a several dozen of them on a good day. I’m sure a lot has changed along the Bay’s shore today. Keep up the sketching, Chris.

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    1. Hi Art, Those sound like great memories! Thanks for sharing! Yes the price of crabs skyrocketed since those days, here too. People wasted them buying bushels for parties then people only ate the big claws and threw the rest away. After a party I’d sit and pick crabs for hours and save as much meat as I could. I heard the crab population is coming back. It has built up so much since then you’d be surprised. So much swamp land has been drained for development. Shore Dr. has a lot of traffic and high rise hotels and condos


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