Sand Dunes / oils

That was a great place to paint and the weather wasn’t too bad in the shade with a nice breeze today. Bugs were buzzing around but I didn’t get bit thanks to DEET. I might not go back to this spot. It was tiring to lug my supplies out there even with my beach cart. By the time I left it was getting hot and a long walk back to the car in the sun. Not many people were there today.

I used my modified fan brush to paint the tall grasses. I had my brushes taped to yardsticks so I could sit back from my painting to paint and a few of those grass lines went on too thick so I scraped through them with a palette knife to break them up.

In this close up you can see some of my dark shadows. It looks like a good habitat for a snake, doesn’t it?

This shows a grass focal point with a direction going up to the sand slide and thin ridge which also has some direction in the shape of a light colored bent line next to a dark shadow.

This one is the top of a fragile dune and the dark line in the shade is the edge of a sand slide.

I went over the shadow in the sand again. When I got there and compared what I had before to nature, I though the shadow was too brown so I mixed a neutral gray and scribbled it on top of the brown glaze cooling it down slightly.

The original dark color is showing through where the sand breaks and a few tiny spots under the brown and gray sand shadow colors.

It was great to have a secluded spot where no one noticed I had my brushes taped to yardsticks because for people to see a woman out painting alone is enough but if they saw the yardsticks they might think I was really nuts and I don’t feel like explaining that Matisse did that and I want to paint like Matisse.

I think it gave my painting a more loose impressionistic look and I’ll use the yardsticks again.

10 thoughts on “Sand Dunes / oils”

  1. Not to be critical of your past work, but I think these are some of your very best. The definition is outstanding without being an attention hog. And the “sweep” really invites the eye to both wander and linger.

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