another try at sea and sky / oils

One of these days I’ll say, “Yes! I nailed it!” This is not the day but I don’t hate this attempt. Each try is getting me one step closer to my wave masterpiece which will happen some time before I die.

In the background you can see condos at Sandbridge about 2 miles up the beach and some waves far away. You can’t go past those pilings. That’s a restricted area for wildlife.

The pilings and shadows make arrows pointing down to the water. This close up shows where I’m trying to give the illusion of a thin layer of water on top of wet sand. It soaks in fast and some runs back out. That’s the sweet spot where you can see reflections of sky or maybe shore birds if they’re there.

This is a little rough because I wanted to do dry brush and try to make the painting fuzzy. I didn’t use any Terpenoid or medium.

You can see my brush strokes but I didn’t achieve the ultimate fuzzy effect that I’d like to get. I’m talking fuzzy like William Turner.

There are so many scenes that I have in mind to paint, I can’t just do waves, I’ll do other subjects and go back to waves at different times. No rush.

6 thoughts on “another try at sea and sky / oils”

  1. i love doing water , mostly have done acrylics.At first i was drawing my inspirations from calendar photos( if you can imagine) then over time from magazines and online photos. Eventually i was able to paint plien air at the ocean itself and was able to make drastic improvements. It really helps being in the environment and being able to get a feel for the sense of water movement. Ultimately i wound up focusing on water scenes in general until a few years ago when i got really bored with it. But i still enjoy it from time to time:)

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      1. hmm…froth..that was definitly my toughest took me a good year to get decent at boiled down two things-finding the right brush( a rake) and using both titanium buff and titanium white. The rest came easier after that. I think i spent way too much time trying to figure out wave patterns and multiple “blue” colors. The froth is what makes the whole piece come together ( in my humble opinion)-:)

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