scouting for plein air inspiration at the beach

sad and slightly gross

It was cloudy cool and windy out there this morning. I took my sketchbook, charcoal and a water bottle over to First Landing State Park. The sand wasn’t blowing because it’s wet. I sat on a ruined sand castle and was all set to sketch a flock of sea gulls but some other people flushed them up and they kind of hovered in the wind, which was real pretty. In the future I’d like to do bird sketches.

Every time I go out to walk I’m looking for inspiration. It’s easy to find and I always get a lot of ideas for future projects.

The water was choppy. Some guys were kite surfing.

Other than that, the only interesting subjects were a few washed up Horse Shoe Crabs. You can actually make a Horse Shoe crab look respectable with art, dignified even.

I’ll try for a sketch again tomorrow. That’s how it goes when you try to draw and paint in plein air.

8 thoughts on “scouting for plein air inspiration at the beach”

  1. Gah! Horseshoe crabs give me the creeps. And that photo isn’t helping.

    Few things are more beautiful than a big flock of birds in flight, changing directions. I don’t know how you would capture that sense of wordless movement in a sketch or painting, but if you do, my hat’s off to you.

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    1. hahaha yeah, horse shoe crabs are pretty ugly! About the birds, they are a great inspiration! Nothing beats seeing them in real life but I might be able to do something that’s ok if I work on it. I have so many plans for paintings. That one is still just a dream.

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  2. Sorry about the delay in responding…life got busy. There are people that search the internet for people using unlicensed images. I had a user click on about half of the photos on my site several months ago looking at the metadata. When I trace back the user info, I found it was a company that extorts money from people that post images without the proper license. I’m not one of those guys, I enjoy your blog and images. Just trying to help out.

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