Easy Does It / Inktense pencils

Easy Does It is the name of this rose.

This is the nicest weather we’ve had in months! I went to Norfolk Botanical Garden today and took my Inktense pencils, didn’t have to walk far from the car into the rose garden. It smelled so sweet! It’s partly cloudy, cool and a nice breeze. It felt good standing in the sun to draw this.

I didn’t draw it with charcoal or pencil first, just went straight in with the Inktense, which you can’t erase. That’s ok, if you go off drawing a flower no one can tell.

The roses are so bright the Inktense pencils don’t do them justice. If I decide to paint these roses I might have to buy fluorescent paint. Maybe they make acrylic that’s brighter than oils.

5 thoughts on “Easy Does It / Inktense pencils”

  1. Well done. Have you tried using a wet brush to turn the colours into a wash? I’ve been using Inktense pencils for a while now as a quick and convenient way to add colours to ink sketches and “activate” later if conditions are more conducive, with a water brush or even regular watercolour brush. I like the strength of the colours. I haven’t used them for more finished work yet. Best wishes.

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    1. Thanks! I used a wet brush but tried to keep edges on my flowers. I want to try more ways to use the Inktense pencils in the future. And use them with watercolors and ink sketches too.


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