the Bob Ross documentary on Netflix

He inspired so many people to paint. He showed them that anyone can do it. All it takes is practice. It’s not a gift from god to a special few people called artists. He was one of the first art therapists because he had such a calm zen like attitude, happy accidents and happy trees etc. When your life goes down the tubes you can feel better painting. If you keep at it long enough you aren’t depressed anymore.

I can’t paint like that. His way is so contrary to what I learned in art school that I’ll probably never try. Yes, I was brain washed in art school, but it’s ok. There are millions of artists painting like Bob Ross. Not many artists that know the old traditional ways are sticking to the old ways, so, the chances of anyone forging my paintings after I’m dead are slim. The academic tradition is dying out. Anyway, who wants to forge an artist that isn’t commercially successful, like me?

That’s all beside the point of this post.

The alarming thing about the documentary is that Bob’s business partners stole the rights to his name after he died and they made millions off the sale of merchandise with his face and name and his son didn’t get any of the money. Bob saw the problem coming before he died and tried to stop them but couldn’t.

Everyone that watches him paint loves him. He had a real genuine personality which is so refreshing in the totally fake art world we have today. He really loved people and it comes through.

I could never buy any Bob Ross merchandise because they used him to satisfy their own greed. And if someone wants to buy one of his paintings they might be buying a forgery.

What does it mean? His business partners were his best friends. You can’t trust anyone, I guess. Is it better to be unknown? Then you know your friends aren’t after your money.

10 thoughts on “the Bob Ross documentary on Netflix”

  1. i’ve only gotten half way through this documentary. For some reason it hasnt sucked me in like most documentaries. I have always thought about this though when i saw Bob Ross Products and like Burts Bees, wondered if some entity had bought the line or exploited it.Also think about that movie “Big Eyes”. It seems artists are always being taken advantage of, whether alive or dead. Like Bob, i have always wanted to use my talents and skills to help others enjoy what i have found brings me so much joy. I am terrible with marketing myself and kind of just ride the waves. I know i will never be famous and i am good with that. Sucks that his son didnt get to reap any of the monetary rewards though.


    1. yeah, the documentary would have been more interesting if more people that knew Bob would have talked but they are afraid of being sued by the business partners who are now millionaires thanks to all the Bob Ross art supplies they are selling and also t shirts etc.
      I also am not a marketing person. It seems like a different personality type. I don’t have it in me. Funny you mentioned the big eyes artist. There is another good example.
      I feel good about myself when I can help others but the last time I did that, a few weeks ago, I drove an old man who looks like he’s dying, to one of the beautiful places here and what did he do? Sexually harass me! haha! omg. It wasn’t scary. I could have just pushed him down, he is so far gone. Old men. they want to get laid one more time before they die even if that’s what kills them. So much for my good deed.
      Thanks for your thoughts, as always

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  2. Thanks for this review. I haven’t wanted to watch the doc because I don’t want to taint my enjoyment of Bob Ross. It’s good to know that the big expose is about the thugs who stole his brand, not about Ross himself. I mean, it’s not good, but it’s better than if it had revealed some major character flaw in him.

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    1. Yeah, Bob Ross was a great inspiration and a ladies man. I can’r hold that against him because I can see why the ladies loved him. His business partners are just greedy. They got so rich off him that not many people will talk because they’ll get sued.

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