windswept pine tree on sand dune / charcoal and chalk

It’s really nice out today. I knew where I wanted to go but not what I wanted to draw, so I took my 11 x 14 sketchbook. I walked on a sandy path over a dune to the beach. I usually bypass that path for the easier path. This tree is in between dunes. You can see the sky and bay behind it with shoreline. The dunes on this side are covered with pretty soft looking dune grasses but you can see sand too.

This might make a good subject for a palette knife painting because of the pine needle texture. I could use a larger canvas.

8 thoughts on “windswept pine tree on sand dune / charcoal and chalk”

  1. i always have tried to do this- just take my sketch pad out into the wild ( or even a local park) and just sketch what i see. But for some reason i get bored and am never happy with my work. I do enjoy painting outdoors though and am not sure what the difference is for me..strange how we are all wired differently…

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    1. Maybe you prefer color. Otherwise sketching and painting are the same to me. Except painting takes more time. Maybe that plays a part too. People sketch with different media. Some use colored markers or do quick color sketches with paint. I like charcoal because it’e easier to erase. Then decide which sketch to spend the time painting.

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