dune and bay sketch / charcoal and chalk

Today I walked all the way through the campground with my sketchbook charcoal and water bottle to see the view from the farthest yurt, #1. I was glad I waited until this afternoon because I think they had some rain over there this morning. There were puddles and the big chairs at the yurt were wet. I mainly wanted to get some exercise because it’s going to rain tomorrow and Sun.

Sketching is progress even if I never use the sketch for a painting. I can’t get too much practice. It would be a long haul to take paint that far from the car even with my beach cart. I’d still like to hang around all the yurts when they’re not occupied and do more sketching this fall. That’s the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel on the horizon.

I think I’ll try to paint Lynnhaven Inlet next but I wasn’t ready to start on another big project today. Maybe Mon.

4 thoughts on “dune and bay sketch / charcoal and chalk”

    1. I didn’t sketch the actual yurts. They’re at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach. Campers can rent them. they’re bigger than a tent and furnished but have no electricity. You have to walk to a bath house to use a bathroom. They look great with a huge deck all the way around and they’re up higher than the dunes, picnic tables, fire pits, big chairs etc. They’re only one year old, still new!


      1. That would be rougher camping than a trailer. I might look for a good spot to sketch one some time but maybe photos would be more practical. Or First Landing might have good photos of the yurts.

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