color rough for “Homage to Surf and Turf”

I did this color rough full size because I already have my subjects drawn this size and this helped me arrange them and make some executive decisions on how to paint this.

I’ll stand this up against the wall and try to make more decisions before I can paint, like, do I really want to use the checkered tablecloth or is it too busy? Because I could just paint it to look like my white plastic work table which is under the tablecloth.

Is that crab falling off the edge of the table too far gone? Maybe I should move the edge down 1/2 inch.

Is that flower going to work for the background? Is this arrangement working with my subjects this size? Do I need to try another arrangement? Do I really want to paint this? etc.

Considering the amount of time I already have in it starting with a few tries to draw the horse, the time spent on sketching the crabs, The time spent on sketching the tablecloth and flower, it all comes out to possibly 20 hours so far and it might take another 20 to paint it because I’m planning on trying pointillism again. After I spend that much time on it will I like it?

Having to make a lot of decisions for a painting can slow me down sometimes. I’m not one of those artists that can whip out a finished painting. Abstract mono prints, those I can whip out.

Any advice will be appreciated. More contrast? Composition ok? etc.


10 thoughts on “color rough for “Homage to Surf and Turf””

  1. No problems with the upper half and I like the crab going off the edge. My only issue, in this version, acknowledging its the test, is that the edge isnt reading strongly enough. I think this could be because the whole tablecloth, even with the colour variation, reads as one plane. I am not wedded to lifelike perspectives so have no issues with your judgement, if it’s what you are after. Otherwise a bit more ‘obvious’ receding of the upper part of the tablecloth might do the trick.

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  2. Some of those questions only you can answer, such as “do I really want to paint this?” Devoting a lot of time to a painting is like editing and re-editing a story; it’s time consuming and you never know until it’s done if you’re going to like the finished product. I don’t know much about painting but I know what I like. I think it would be cool to see a plain light colored tablecloth instead of the blue and white one. There’s a lot going on here. Good luck reaching your final decisions! And may the force be with you! 💫

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  3. You’ve got something wild and fetching going on here. Keep pushing. I think the checked cloth and riotous floral motif complicate it favorably. That pony bossing those voluptuous crabs! You’re the decider! 🙂

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  4. I’m not sure about the flowers as they are. Maybe cut some images of other flowers and audition them before you commit? Maybe a dune reed? If you have questions about specific elements it probably means you think the audition period needs to be extended. As for the time commitment, I think you are learning enough as you go that even if you aren’t entirely pleased with the result you will be pleased with the experience.

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    1. Thanks, Lani, you’re making some good points there. I’ll keep dune reeds in mind and think of a way to use them, if not now, maybe in another beach themed painting. Good idea! And it’s all just practice anyway, so if it doesn’t work I’ll know what not to do in the future!


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