pointillist painting progress report and plan

close up photo with horse hoof still showing up in the underpainting stage on top

I got a start on my 5 crabs and 1 crab claw. I’ll have to go over the crabs again when this dries. You can see a lot of the underpainting gray showing through the dots. If I fill that in with more dots the crabs will be brighter and more solid looking. It took hours to dot the first crab colors but the second layer of paint will be a little faster and easier.

On Oct. 1 I’m leaving for my vacation in Maine. I’m counting down the days. Art camp is Oct. 6 to the 13th. I’m driving so I think I’ll get to Acadia on the 3rd and I’ll have a couple days to scout for the best locations to paint and maybe get a sketch. One week isn’t much time for me to do a painting since I go through a slow process ( I won’t try to do pointillism ) but I got 2 paintings done at the Ghost Ranch in one week and if I don’t finish a painting in 1 week I can stay a few extra nights in Bar Harbor if I want to. There’s no reason I’d have to rush home.

The thing I really like about art camp is that they advertise it as “no drama” which means no pressure, no contest, no judgement, etc. All the Plein air painters there will be knocking out a painting every day, some will be doing more than 2 a day. But I’m free to do whatever I want to and I won’t hear anything about it if I don’t put my painting up for display every night. Because I don’t really want to paint like that.

Also, the food will be great if the Ghost Ranch was any indication of future food plans. I’m a big fan of Eric for putting these great art vacations together, I’ve wanted to go to Acadia for 20 years. 20 years ago I entered an art show in Kennebunkport and got accepted so I shipped my painting and my daughter went with me to the opening. Acadia is North of Kennebunkport but I wanted to see more of Maine and when we got to Acadia it was cold. It was warm in VA. and she didn’t bring her coat so we just drove around the loop but didn’t hike.

Phone reception and internet access might be spotty up there but I’ll take my camera and lap top so I can do a blog post from art camp if possible. And I hope I can finish this still life before I go.


10 thoughts on “pointillist painting progress report and plan”

  1. That Art Camp sounds like absolute bliss! You are making good progress on your crabs.

    I suggested something similar, years ago to an organisation that ran a Textile Workshop with multiple classes every year. It would have been excellent if there was just a place to come to just work on or finish a piece. I was working full time then and it took forever to get any work progressed.

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    1. Oh Yeah! There are plenty of classes out there but not any other art camps to do your own thing. It would be a good idea for any type of art, textiles included. You could plan it for a week in the country and advertise it if you’re a good planner. It’s $1600 for a week at the Schoodic Inst. at Acadia and food is included, some wine on the first night, rides are arranged to different sites or you go alone. Around 100 artists will probably be there. Eric Rhodes is making money from it but he’s a great businessman who really pushed the Plein air movement. But you could do it on a smaller scale and make some money. I’m not an arranging kind of person. And artists that have other obligations like a job can plan a get away and concentrate on doing their thing.

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