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I thought I knew what I was doing. turned out I didn’t.

I’m going to try again.

Weird thing happened. I noticed that one of my blogging friends put up some posts and her photos aren’t showing up on the reader. You have to click twice to see the picture. So I looked at my last posts on freshly pressed and I see text but no picture. If this doesn’t post the way I want it to with the picture, that unearthly scream you just heard was me.

Square Peg Round Hole

The life of an artistimg_1842

Hey, Look! I’m an Abstract Expressionist now!

Do you ever try to fit into a situation and you know it will never happen? That’s my inspiration, my social failure. To all my social misfit, square peg, friends out there, let me know if you ever find a square hole, because I’m still searching. Then all of us square pegs can get together and mock the round pegs. hahahahahahahaha

Meanwhile, just goofing around with this “Artist Tile Set”, Studio Series, scratch and sketch squares that my daughter got for me. It’s a card painted black over top of colors, or black on top of gold or silver. You scratch off the black. It’s a little scratchboard.

At least my daughter is popular, with over 1200 followers on Twitter. She started the cute baby animal challenge and got tweeted from zoos and aquariums all over the country and Europe. Check it out! #sarahjanethill