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1 Year After the Zombie Apocalypse / illustrated / warning: not for children

90% of the population is either a zombie or dead. No one knows if the zombies are actually dead or if this is a disease because dead people don’t walk or eat. No one even knows what day it is. All communications are cut off.

All the living that can shoot a gun became cowboy vigilantes. Every surviving psycho with dreams of mass murder is out there happily killing zombies in new and creative ways and it’s a vast empty quiet country except for when they go on a zombie genocide mission.

The people that can’t shoot bugged out to the hills.

The stench from the rotting corpses is nauseating from miles away. Some people with pre-existing medical conditions choked to death because of it.

It’s lawless and dangerous like nothing we knew before. People are starving because all the canned goods have been looted and there is no crop coming to them.

This is my self portrait. I covered myself with zombie blood and guts to disguise myself so the zombies wouldn’t bite me and slowly stumbled out to do some looting.

I saw the aquarium store was broken into so I expected to see dead fish but someone took them for bait. I took all the filters. People are giving me food and I’m sewing cowboy masks for them with two layers of fabric and activated charcoal hand quilted in.

This is a rough idea for an intro to my zombie story. If any of my writer friends has a suggestion, feel free to advise me.

This is me writing my zombie story / mono print

I need to do more zombie research so I can put myself into the character.

I just found out that comments from bloggers aren’t coming through every day. It must be a WordPress glitch because I didn’t change anything. Sorry if this happened to you. I always respond to comments if I get them.

I want to write a book about zombies / mono prints

Is this a flower? Darn it. I wanted to make a picture of zombie guts.

I’ve been watching zombie shows lately. They’re pretty good, funny too. I really like the creative ways they use zombies. Now, you may say, “Chris, stop watching zombie tv and get to work on art!” That’s what I tell myself then I watch more zombie tv.

The shows are an inspiration but I want to write about the zombie apocalypse more from the zombie point of view. Don’t any of my writer friends beat me to the story because this could take some time. I want to write it up the best I can. I’ll need an outline.

It’s horrible to be a zombie and then the living smash your skull. That needs to stop.

The sound effect for the skull bashing is always the same, like celery snapping.

Have you watched any zombie shows? Do you have any thoughts about it?

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About Bigfoot

He’s hiding behind trees. All you can see is giant fangs and glowing eyes. The eyes have been reported as red, blue, or yellow and sometimes the Bigfoot is only seen as a fuzzy black shape.

I watched a series on Discovery + called “These Woods Are Haunted” It’s mostly about Bigfoot but there are stories about shape shifters, demons, werewolves, ghosts, and ETs. The stories are scary but it’s only people talking with the same shots of woods showing in different stories and the same sound effects of growling, hooting, howling, etc. They added sound effects later. The sounds they capture on tape aren’t convincing. It’s the kind of show you can have on and do other things and listen. The scariest sound effect could have been a rattle snake slowed down and it was only in one episode.

They can’t seem to get a very good photo. The pix are so blurry or maybe the Bigfoot interferes with the electronics somehow. This series sees Bigfoot as evil and supernatural and the people will go outside to follow the Bigfoot after it was banging on the cabin. Why do they go out after it? Why doesn’t the Bigfoot break a window if it wants to come in?

I wonder why the Bigfoot throws heavy rocks instead of stones which would be easier to aim at the human. They never can hit the human with the rock. They only want to scare you. They act territorial but the Earth belongs to humans. I think if you could remain calm they would go away.

They could be guard dogs for ETs. They used to be shown as another humanoid but now the Bigfoot stories are getting more weird. The people talk about feeling like they’re being watched and I remember reading somewhere that scientists did a test where they watched people and the people never knew they were being watched, so that might be the imagination of the people and if you’re paranoid to start with then you might be imagining the whole thing.

They crash through the woods like elephants then they just vanish.

These are just some of the things that the shows give you to think about and the best story is in the 3rd season but they’re all good.

I’m pretty sure there’s no Bigfoot around here. I would never camp out in the deep woods alone or to look for them. Are they real or just a good story? I’ll never be able to answer that question.

These are acrylic mono prints with paint left over from my tide pool painting and some palette knife scribbles in the teeth.

This represents me connecting with nature.

Finally! We have some nice cool and sunny weather after a whole week of yuck weather. I did get out to walk on trails when it wasn’t raining but I had to put my painting of the tide pool on hold again. It was a bummer.

I’m so excited about the tide pool painting!! OMG!! I’ll post it tomorrow when I can get some good photos of it. It’s finally finished.

Wow, I’ll tell you, hanging around at home for a lot of days is a little depressing and then when I can go back out to paint in Plein air everything is ok.

acrylic mono prints

Theory of the Origin of the Universe / acrylic abstract

I read this somewhere and was thinking about it so I’d like to hear your views. Did you hear of this before?

Some physicist wrote a paper that said our universe did start with a Big Bang. First there was another universe with a black hole and you know how a black hole will suck everything into it, right? Well this black hole sucked the other universe through! Our universe was like a giant explosion in a toilet of nothingness out of the other universe’s butt! hahaha I’m not making this up. That’s why our universe is spinning. It’s being flushed.

The black hole has so much gravity everything got crushed and killed but some life got through and started again where it could.

The bang was so loud it was heard from even more universes and they came to see what happened. They come here on vacation now, beings from other universes.

After I read the scientific paper I thought, that explains a few things.

My Mother in Law Dancing on a Table at the Cotton Club / mixed media abstract

Yeah, she danced on a table at the Cotton Club and was a real scandal. That was long ago. One thing she liked about me is that I’ll get up and dance when no one else is dancing. We had something in common with our outrageous behavior.

When my husband’s company had their Christmas parties the next day I’d tell her I made a fool out of myself dancing like crazy and she’d say,” No fools no fun.” And they weren’t just talking about me the next day. Some other fools always acted up. hahahahahah

This is an acrylic mono print with green oil pastel.

I’m planning an acrylic experiment to see if I can do a thin glaze with acrylics like I do with oil paint. A thin glaze on my new painting of the tide pool might help to give the illusion of atmosphere. I’ve been working on the tide pool painting on and off but progress is slow and I can only get out a couple days a week to paint lately. It’s going to take a while to finish.

Zombie Receptors in My Brain! / acrylic abstract

I’m not sure what kind of receptors these are. They could be zombie receptors or ET receptors or Bigfoot receptors or anything. All I know is, my brain has receptors.

Just kidding, I don’t believe in brain receptors so I like to make fun of them. Every time I hear on TV about brain receptors for opium or nicotine or murder or something I laugh to myself and say show me the receptors.

This is a mono print with extra palette knife textures added in pink and white.