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tie dye for the next generation

tie dye for the next generation

This is a close up. Does that look like a teddy bear to you or something else?

I rinsed each one for 5 min. by hand then dried them in the dryer. They didn’t bleed a lot but still a little. My hands were getting tired of rinsing.

This is the back of the one above. I’ll keep posting fronts and backs so you can see how the dye bled in different ways.

I’ll rinse them again with soapy water tonight. Then run them through the washing machine with a load of darks just in case they bleed more.

I always wash my tie dye shirts by hand in cold water but Sarah will probably throw these in the washing machine. They don’t need to last as long as I want my Tee shirts to last anyway.

I did one of the newborn size, two of the 3 month size and two of the 6 month size.

That’s a funny bleed. Does it look like anything to you? I can’t make out what that is.

That could be a heart and flowers.

This is a close up of a bleed I really like. It might be an orchid.

I like this bleed a lot too. That’s the fun thing about tie dye. when you open them up you find these pretty designs and you don’t know how you did that.