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cactus flowers at the beach

Isn’t it funny when you’re an East coast girl and you’re thinking of putting a cactus in your painting then you see blooming cactuses on your path?

I knew they were there but forgot about them until I saw the flowers yesterday. . As far as I know, they’re not native but someone probably planted them and they spread around. I also saw yuccas in there. Maybe it was private property then, and now the Chesapeake Bay Foundation owns it.

Yesterday I checked the background for my mermaid painting and it was still too smeary to paint on. That’s the problem with painting with a palette knife, it takes forever to dry because the paint goes on thick. At least the extra time is giving me a chance to plan my mermaid. I think I’ll make her all green. I’m still not sure about what she should be holding, a crab or a cactus or a gold necklace or what. And if I do paint her holding a crab should it be a live crab which is blue or a steamed crab which is red?