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Crazy Cypress Knee Party and Tree Fell Down but Refuses to Die? / photos

They don’t move when you look at them but when the people go home they get rowdy!

The water is low because its been dry. Normally you can’t walk in there without sinking in.

This tree must have fallen down across the path but I don’t see where it broke or was uprooted. Then there’s three more trees growing out of the stump! This view looks uphill on an ancient sand dune that got covered with trees. I heard of trees on sand dunes growing roots back into the sand from branches that touch the ground but I never saw a tree stump with trees growing out of it. And the stump doesn’t look rotten.

This is where the lower end of the stump goes down into the sand and you have to step over it as you walk on the path. No root ball? No broken tree in the swamp? I should investigate further.

This is looking up the first new tree growing out of the stump. I don’t know what kind of tree it is but some leaves are hanging on.

Theory of the Origin of the Universe / acrylic abstract

I read this somewhere and was thinking about it so I’d like to hear your views. Did you hear of this before?

Some physicist wrote a paper that said our universe did start with a Big Bang. First there was another universe with a black hole and you know how a black hole will suck everything into it, right? Well this black hole sucked the other universe through! Our universe was like a giant explosion in a toilet of nothingness out of the other universe’s butt! hahaha I’m not making this up. That’s why our universe is spinning. It’s being flushed.

The black hole has so much gravity everything got crushed and killed but some life got through and started again where it could.

The bang was so loud it was heard from even more universes and they came to see what happened. They come here on vacation now, beings from other universes.

After I read the scientific paper I thought, that explains a few things.

My Mother in Law Dancing on a Table at the Cotton Club / mixed media abstract

Yeah, she danced on a table at the Cotton Club and was a real scandal. That was long ago. One thing she liked about me is that I’ll get up and dance when no one else is dancing. We had something in common with our outrageous behavior.

When my husband’s company had their Christmas parties the next day I’d tell her I made a fool out of myself dancing like crazy and she’d say,” No fools no fun.” And they weren’t just talking about me the next day. Some other fools always acted up. hahahahahah

This is an acrylic mono print with green oil pastel.

I’m planning an acrylic experiment to see if I can do a thin glaze with acrylics like I do with oil paint. A thin glaze on my new painting of the tide pool might help to give the illusion of atmosphere. I’ve been working on the tide pool painting on and off but progress is slow and I can only get out a couple days a week to paint lately. It’s going to take a while to finish.

Zombie Receptors in My Brain! / acrylic abstract

I’m not sure what kind of receptors these are. They could be zombie receptors or ET receptors or Bigfoot receptors or anything. All I know is, my brain has receptors.

Just kidding, I don’t believe in brain receptors so I like to make fun of them. Every time I hear on TV about brain receptors for opium or nicotine or murder or something I laugh to myself and say show me the receptors.

This is a mono print with extra palette knife textures added in pink and white.

Witch Flying Past Moon / acrylic abstract

Is this a witch to you or something else?

This is a close up of the mono print above to show that thick texture and colors smearing together. I like to put blobs of three different colors on the palette and scrape the palette knife through them only back and forth a few times on the edge to mix them slightly. Then I scoop some up with the palette knife and blob it onto the paper and press another paper on top of the first one. When you pull them apart you get these nice smears and veins in the paint.

Then it’s fun to decide what it looks like. If I used this small section and decided to cut it out of the bigger print I could enter it in a show as a very small landscape, call it “moon over mountains” but I probably won’t.

I think I’ll do another one. They’re so fast easy and fun!

textural oil paint abstracts

The Swamp At Night

This is Winsor & Newton, Winsor Violet with a little Titanium White.

I’m just doing a color check for flowers that I’m going to paint in my still life.

Nude On The Beach

If you want to give it another title I could change that.

Amethyst by Michael Harding with a little Titanium white.

Today’s Catch

Brilliant Pink by Michael Harding.

I love working this paint like this. Making it runny enough to dot is like making a glaze which I normally do anyway with oil paint. Mixing colors and thinning them with terpenoid using a palette knife is the old traditional way of painting and the still life also has an underpainting which is the old school style so the pointillist experiment I’m working on is similar in those respects to how I usually work with oil paint. The main difference is the dots instead of brush strokes.

It does take some time to prepare the paint for glazes or dots and a lot of artists don’t like to do it but I enjoy this step.

pointillist painting update

OMG!! This is fun!

I’m so excited about my pearly shadows! It’s not even boring painting dots! I could do it for hours! I’d call it a zen way to paint, but I don’t know if a real zen person would agree.

The way to make pearly shadows is to use warm gray next to cool gray. The art viewer’s eye will mix the dots for you and you get a lively gray not a dead gray. This is an old trick that a lot of artists know in theory but they don’t like gray so they don’t do it.

In this photo you can see the leg of the horse on the left and the crab in shadow on the right both still in the underpainting stage, and the flower stem crossing over the crab.

I made a lot of progress on the painting but I want to work on the green leaves and stems more. So far I’m doing the background, table top and flower, all cool colors on top of warm underpainting colors. I haven’t started on the crab colors or the horse or the flowers. I might have to wait for this to dry a little so I don’t smear it.

This is how I prepare the paint for dotting. Mix terpenoid in a little at a time with the palette knife until it’s smooth and soft then pick up a blob with the palette knife and mix more terpenoid into the paint with a paintbrush. Be careful not to have a blob of paint on the bottom of the palette knife because it might drip onto the painting causing a bad blip. With a good brush and runny paint you can get 20 or more dots if the paint is flowing off the brush nicely, without going back to reload the brush with paint. I’m using #3 round brushes. I’ve seen pointillist paintings with smaller dots but I think this is working.

If you hold the brush in one hand and the palette knife in the other hand you don’t have to keep reaching back to the palette for more paint. It’s a slow process but less wasted movement is a little more efficient over the course of the painting.

Murder TV / acrylic abstracts

The Body in an Oil Drum

It’s funny how if you watch one murder show six more come up. It’s the same with zombie shows. The algorithm, I guess. Anyway, they have a trend and you don’t have to actually watch it after you see who the main people are. You can have it on and do something else at the same time.

Blood on the Perp’s Shoes

One series, American Monster, they all start out the same with old home movies of happy weddings, family holidays, etc. You can’t imagine what will happen, how could that person be so evil? You never know who might go nuts and kill you for no reason.

The Body in a Ditch

Then the detectives go out to the crime scene and look for clues. It’s a scary job.

She Poisoned Him

The murderer goes on trial and gets sentenced 20 years or life.

Blood all over the Walls

You can’t get all the blood to wash out. They always catch the murderer.

This is me watching it on TV.

OK, that was fun. Now I have to finish that underpainting for my still life. It’s been difficult and I can only work on it a couple hours at a time, and not every day, but I almost have it. Then comes the hard part, finishing the painting, and I’m not sure how to do it.

Blog Purge Complete / acrylic abstract

Wow! That was a big job! Getting most of the bots lurkers and zombie blogs off my followers list. Can you see in this abstract how much more peaceful it came out than my recent ones? I’m not planning these acrylic abstracts, just letting them happen Ala modern art. Now I can concentrate on my still life, which looks like it might be difficult.

You might think I’m nuts cutting my followers down like that. The purpose of blogging is to get more followers and likes, right? Not for me. I want to be in control of my blog. When a blog gets too big the blogger can’t keep up with it. My goal is less work, safety from bots, more bloggers who are artists, more blogs of interest to me, etc. In the future I still have some more to cut. I’m not sure of if I want them to get my posts because they seem fake. I trust my instincts on this.

About the blogs on my follower list in black. Sunnyside was the only one I kept out of possibly 50. Thanks for being real, Sunny! Oh Yeah, and Nadine, I’m hoping she comes back because I enjoy her writing. I still call the others in black lurkers because I don’t remember ever getting any likes or comments from them. I don’t remember their names, yet, they were getting my posts and maybe reading or maybe not, but I couldn’t just click on their name and see their blog. One of the black titled blogs on my list won’t go away. They must be smarter than me. Uh oh.

Next time I cull my follower list I’ll take off more of the blogs with topics that I have no interest in.

ok. That was really fun and I’d recommend it.