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fish print experiments continued

This is my rainy weather project. I wanted to try different kinds of paper for my prints so I bought some sparkle foam like sheets and some multi colored card stock. I applied the paint thicker to my wax paper to try to make my fish more solid looking but I want some of the green sparkle to show too when I cut these out for the collage.

You can’t see the sparkle as well in the photo I took looking down on the paper but when I take the shot at an angle you can see the sparkle and the fish don’t show up as well.

These are a second pull off my wax paper plates onto blue card stock. Now I think I have enough fish. The next step is to get a background ready and do some mono prints of kelp. I tried to paint kelp about 6 months ago for this project but then put it aside because I couldn’t get my plan worked out or visualize the mermaid that goes with the fish and the kelp. I’m going to toss that first kelp attempt and try again.

These are my wax paper printing plates that I smeared some acrylic on with a palette knife in a rough fish shape then turned it over on the sparkle paper or card stock and pressed down to make the prints.

I came to an executive decision here about the mermaid. I decided to do her in pieces to make it easier for myself. I’ll have to try to do head, hair, torso, fin, arms the same way I tried to make fish and when I get something that looks ok assemble it. Also, I decided to make her G rated because now I have a granddaughter. (no nudity) This might take some time, like, till next year.

fish print fun / acrylics

I might be able to cut these out and use them in a collage. I should experiment with different paper. I’m not sure about this. They seem a little weak because the edges are all broken up. Maybe I could outline them. Would that be an improvement or would an outline mess it up? So many decisions! I’ll do a few more and decide later.

This one isn’t bright enough. I used a squirt of gold acrylic straight out of the tube and also had red, white, silvered and yellow. My palette knife was mixing the colors as I scooped up random blobs and tried to make fish shapes. I could brighten him up later with something shiny glued on. I tried to make tiny black eye dots on a few of them.

Don’t stare at this guy! He’s sensitive! hahaha. I mean be honest, would you know this was a fish if I didn’t tell you? I think I can do some kind of plastic surgery on him.

This is my favorite one because the paint made veins that could be fish bones.

These are my wax paper printing plates. I used my palette knife to blob the shape of the fish on the wax paper then turned the paper over and pressed it down on the blue watercolor background paper. The wax paper makes it easy because you can see through it so you can see where the fish is going on the blue paper. There’s also the possibility that I could save these wax paper fish and use them somehow.

mono prints with acrylic experiment

metallic blue and gold / light interference / photos taken indoors

A few years ago a friend gave me an assortment of acrylics and I rarely use them but I think they’d be more practical for a collage than oil paint so I want to get some practice. I’m not used to the consistency of the paint coming out of the tube. It would help if I knew how much water to add or should I not add any water at all?

I like shiny paint.

Sometimes an art project is complicated and difficult but if you’re not in the mood to start something big there are hundreds of projects you can do for fun. I have a lot going on this week. It’s still windy outside. It doesn’t really matter what I do. Those are my excuses for not painting in plein air, pick one.

Some people will tell an artist to pick one style of painting and stick to it. Or pick one genre like plein air landscapes or figure painting or still life, whatever. They like to see a progression on a straight line, I guess, but I can’t relate to that. As if an art expert might like my plein air paintings but not like my mono prints. Oh well, should I care? I think it sounds like they might be trying to stop an artist from experimenting. Maybe those art experts only like one thing. That’s not good. Does expertise come from experimenting? or looking? reading? talking?

I might try to do a collage with these if I can think of a good plan. As always, I’m open to advice or ideas.

Interdimensional Tossed Salad @ Milliways collage

It’s served with their own secret recipe house dressing called “Infinity Ranch.” The dressing is more than just regular ranch dressing with purple food coloring. I couldn’t identify the secret ingredient. The shiny salad toppings are crunchy.

The menu has so many of the favorite foods of the galaxy and I didn’t know what any of them were, except they did have pizza but we wanted to try new foods so we ordered the Super Nova Pu-Pu platter for two and inter dimensional tossed salads. It’s a 5 star restaurant so you know everything on the menu would be approved by Gordon Ramsey.

When I stuck my fork in for the first bite I heard a screeching sound and didn’t know what it was. I thought it could have been the weird fork scraping on the weird plate so I took a bite and when I chomped down on it I heard a voice say, “Not again!” I stopped chewing and looked at my boyfriend. He was enjoying his salad. He said, ” Everything ok, Babe?”

It was real tasty and I didn’t want to spit it out because that would be rude so I swallowed it and I heard it cry, “What are the odds?!”

I said, “Yeah,” Then I got a box to take it home and finish it later.

self portrait of me dancing

self portrait of me dancing

That’s me dancing like a fool because the band is rocking. The crowd is a blur. They start moving too. They’re all pretty well lit. The orange paint is the loud music.

This close up is a guy catching my dance on his phone. He’ll probably put it on YouTube, or whatever, and I’ll be famous because it will go viral. It’ll be titled, “Old lady shakes it down.”

My daughter gave this to me for Christmas. She knew I wouldn’t follow the patterns in the book to make their designs. The book has some blank colored paper that you can make up your own idea and use the little precut pieces of color in a collage, or you can follow the numbers and make their pretty pictures too. The pieces are small so it would take patience to do one of their designs. This could add another design element to my mono prints and palette knife paintings.

advice for creative people

geological surveys on Mars show it’s hollow and filled with oil and water / mono print

Are you an artist or writer and you’re stuck with a project or maybe just not in the mood to work on it? Don’t beat yourself up over it. It happens to all of us. The thing about creativity is, I can’t force it. I guess there are writers or visual artists that can push through a block but I’m the type to put the project down until a better time.

Mars gets wifi / mono print

It can help creativity if you simplify your life. It takes a certain mental state like alpha brain waves or something for an artist to be in the groove, in the zone. If you have a job, family to care for, responsibilities etc. that’s enough to block the right brain waves. Time spent alone can help reset your brain to be creative.

dinosaur egg found on Mars / mono print

Your art is for your enjoyment. If you’re not enjoying it you should take a break and do something else. Just because you are creative doesn’t mean you owe the world your creativity. Unless you think the world owes you. In that case maybe you do owe the world. But as for me, I don’t owe the world. I wouldn’t like to feel “driven” like some artists feel. For me that would be an unbalanced mental state. And when I think about the meaning of “driven” I can’t relate metaphorically. I’m in control of my car. I’m the driver. I leave when I’m ready to go.

first murder on Mars

It doesn’t have to be something difficult, if you’re experiencing a creative block. You can goof around and amuse yourself like I do with these mono prints. There are tons of fun projects for writers too. I’ve seen things like black out poetry and some kind of games that writers can do for fun if the novel isn’t happening today. If you’re a writer you probably know more fun writing projects than I do. I know fun paint projects.

This advice is for artists that are not professional. If the art doesn’t pay the bills, who cares if it happens on any given week. If art does pay the bills, you probably know how to push through a block. If you’re an amateur like me then you’re doing art because you love it. That’s the true meaning of amateur. It’s good for me because it’s no stress. If it was a real job it would only be a short time before I want to quit. Give me a week to make someone mad by saying something stupid or someone making me mad and I’m outta there. Taking it easy on yourself leads to longevity in your art.