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cute cat memes

That’s the spirit!

My fellow artists, we have to do our own thing and don’t let anyone else’s opinion stop you!

As for myself, I was thinking of trying to continue my practice painting like Matisse out in plein air, which means people might see me tape my brushes onto yard sticks and stand way back to paint. Would they think I was insane? Will they think I’m trying to get attention? Will they call the cops? I don’t know. They probably already think I’m odd because I go out alone to paint.

Anyway, I never did care too much what people think, I might do it when the weather clears up.

Gary Larson returns w new Far Side

This is from the 2021 calendar. April

Gary has a blurb in the calendar saying he gave up drawing Far Side for syndication to pursue other projects like playing jazz guitar, photographing insects and raising snakes. Then he got a digital tablet and is really enjoying drawing on it, so, back to making more of his goofy cartoons.

Rock on, Gary Larson! I missed you! So glad you’re back!

Happy New Year to all my blogging friends! We survived 2020 and we can live through 2021!

buncha funny memes from WordPress #funny stolen just for you






They never gave me a gun and I’m getting old here, but at least I never needed one.





I wonder what happened to his nose in that one pic.

















ok, I’ve been a little distracted here lately, no need to go into all that. I’ll get back on my big watercolor adventure tomorrow, for sure. Meanwhile, these are making me laugh so I hope you enjoy them too.

funny memes stolen just for you







The corona virus thing has given me a new outlook on life.

Every day that I wake up and I’m not sick I go around all day feeling like Charlie Sheen, “Winning!” Every day I ain’t dead yet I’m winning! ¬†And the funny thing is I don’t have to do anything to win. This game is so easy.

Hell, even my computer fixed itself. Yes, those annoying lines went away on their own again. Thank you, MacBook.