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Love Death and Robots on Netflix

zombie apocalypse

This is my favorite thing on TV! I watched this episode 3 times and I’m still laughing when I’m driving around town! The zombies are in season 3, Night of the Mini Dead. It starts out bad and gets much worse. The end is a scream!

Not only this episode but all of them are great animation and a lot of the stories give you something to think about. They’re all short stories, very imaginative!

cute cat memes

That’s the spirit!

My fellow artists, we have to do our own thing and don’t let anyone else’s opinion stop you!

As for myself, I was thinking of trying to continue my practice painting like Matisse out in plein air, which means people might see me tape my brushes onto yard sticks and stand way back to paint. Would they think I was insane? Will they think I’m trying to get attention? Will they call the cops? I don’t know. They probably already think I’m odd because I go out alone to paint.

Anyway, I never did care too much what people think, I might do it when the weather clears up.

Gary Larson returns w new Far Side

This is from the 2021 calendar. April

Gary has a blurb in the calendar saying he gave up drawing Far Side for syndication to pursue other projects like playing jazz guitar, photographing insects and raising snakes. Then he got a digital tablet and is really enjoying drawing on it, so, back to making more of his goofy cartoons.

Rock on, Gary Larson! I missed you! So glad you’re back!

Happy New Year to all my blogging friends! We survived 2020 and we can live through 2021!