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2nd maternity top I made for my daughter

she said she wanted a black print because it would be easier to accessorize.

Sarah got her test results, it’s a girl.

I was hoping for a boy because I wanted my grandchild to have every advantage in the world. I was calling the baby my new overlord. Then I said oh, it’s not an overlord it’s a princess! She said a girl can be an overlord. I said, like a warrior princess? She said yeah.

I asked her if she has a name picked out and she said yes but it’s a secret. Later she said she’s going to name her Athena. I said, not Venus? She said, no, wisdom will get you farther than love. I don’t know if she’ll name the baby Athena or if she was kidding. I said, I don’t care what you name her, I’m calling her Xena. Sarah didn’t care if I call the baby Xena because her dad and I both had pet names for her when she was a baby.

She bought some maternity clothes so she might have enough. She said if I want to continue sewing I could make things for the baby. It’s not due until Sept.

I’ll get back on painting this week.