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scouting for plein air inspiration on the King tide / photos

Lesner Bridge on Lynnhaven Inlet

This is the highest tide I’ve seen in the 4 years I’ve lived here. I’d like to draw this bridge but the view from Pleasure House Point is swamped. It’s cloudy windy and cool. (in the low 70s) I’m still wearing shorts and sandals. Everyone is talking about how high the tide is.

expensive apartments on the other side

They recently rebuilt this bridge and the apartments butt right up to it. If I ever move over there I’d need to have the bay view. I checked it out once. I don’t need the extra amenities like a chauffeur to the airport or grocery store. The lady told me a lot of the residents only stay there over the summer but have another home. The apts. are for over age 62. It looks like parking is tight over there.

you don’t usually see this much foam on the bay.

That’s the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel on the horizon.

I was walking at Pleasure House Point yesterday and 3 days ago. The path was flooded. 3 days ago I rolled my shorts up and took my sandals off and waded through the deepest part, where it almost always has water running through, it was thigh deep, and I got across. Then yesterday it was flooded even more and when I got to the deep part it looked like it would be up to my waist so I turned around. The path I took to get out of there was flooded up to my knees in places.

that’s one corner of Pleasure House Point on the right behind the boat and barge.

One of the regular guys over there was talking to me yesterday and warned me about going barefoot, (sharp shells, germs ) I know. We were in amazement of the deep water. He told me a man that owned the property before built bulkheads and that’s where the paths are now but nature is reclaiming it. Eventually it will all be marsh again and the trees will be swamped and die out. I asked him why the water is so high and he said the wind is pushing it in.

Recently I overheard some guy talking about sea level rise when I was at P.H.P. and he said it went up 1 foot in 5 years. YIKES! I might see the end of the paths at Pleasure House Point! I might buy some waders. I was wondering if I could put my art supplies on a boogie board and float them to a dry spot because it is extra pretty over there when it’s flooded, in my opinion, but it would be impossible to carry my stuff through the flooded pathways.

another view of the Lesner Bridge

I often see guys fishing there and boats going through but not today. And its going to rain tomorrow so I’m glad I got out today even if I didn’t sketch. If I go back to this parking lot I should pay the $3 but a lady told me they don’t enforce it during the week. Today I paid because the fine is $70 or $80, I forget, but I definitely don’t want to get a ticket.

the boat launch, flooded and the walkway next to it flooded too

exploring is important to your plein air artist

It’s another nice day. I think I’ll go out for a drive.

Hampton Roads is a large heavily populated area with a lot of access to natural places and a lot of bridges across the rivers. I know my way North across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. (13) That’s a pretty drive but I think the toll is $12 so I don’t go that way very often and it would cost too much to go to the Eastern Shore to work on a painting since I go back again and again to paint.

264 to 64 is the way I usually go West but they’re expanding the Hampton Roads Tunnel and there’s a lot of traffic jams there. That construction will take a few years. What if there’s a hurricane and I get stuck in a traffic jam? That would be scary.

Years ago I drove 460 from Petersburg to Norfolk to avoid traffic jams on 64. They’re doing a lot of construction on 64 too. Sometimes traffic is flying but it’s usually heavy and you can run into a jam that will stop you for a half hour. Sometimes I run into 2 traffic jams and a trip to Richmond which should take 1.5 hours turns into 2 or 2.5 hours.

There are a lot of pretty drives West of here that I remember but I didn’t drive East to West. I was driving West to East.

Smithfield is pretty. Hog Island is pretty. The James River ferry is real nice to take. Rt. 10 is pretty. I need to try to find my way to Smithfield from here. It’s not too far. I’d like to explore Ragged Island but I’m afraid to go alone since it has a reputation and I’m not sure if it’s safe for an old girl.

Then there’s the Colonial Parkway which I drove a few times and that is also very pretty with nice places to park and look at the river. Jamestown is pretty, Williamsburg is pretty. And so is Yorktown. Not all of those towns are considered Hampton Roads.

It could take the rest of my life to paint all the nice places I’ve seen in Southeast VA. Sometimes I just explore and try to figure out alternate escape routes, times, distances, traffic, where to park for maximum beautiful scenery etc. I can look it up on maps but I have to drive it in real life so I can remember it. Plus, I enjoy driving.

Amazing Sand Castles @ Neptune Festival part 2

People’s Choice by Abe Waterman from Canada

They titled it People’s choice because it has something for everyone. There’s a ballot box for you to vote on your favorite but I didn’t hear that the votes are counted yet.

Don’t those scales look great?

also in “People’s Choice”

A happy dog with a job.

on another corner of “People’s Choice”

Cute free kittens in a box

another side of “People’s Choice”

One side is a dragon. And you can see right through the door of castle on top.

another side of “People’s Choice”

This side gives you an eagle with a snake. That’s for our military. One side is a mermaid, one side a dragon, one side an eagle, a dog, kittens, and there is an angel but she’s hidden by all the awards this won.

4th place

sculptor’s choice

Neptune’s choice.

“In the Depths of Dreams” by Ilya Filimonstev from Russia

This is a close up of the dreamer.

a view of “In the depths of Dreams”
close up from “In the depths of Dreams”

Check out that amazing stick like texture next to a wavy texture!

These are inspiring me to do a sand sculpture. I’ll have to work on a smaller scale. I wonder if the use of Elmer’s glue is permitted to be mixed in the sand when it’s wet. Also, I wonder if it’s allowed to glue sand on sticks or something for that texture.

And like the one in the previous post with the keyhole, did they make a frame in the keyhole shape and build around it instead of carving the keyhole all the way through?

There are 18 sand sculptures in the show. You pay $5 to get in and $10 for the parking but it’s worth it. There are a lot of tents set up for a mile or so up the boardwalk (which is made of cement) next to the beach with stands selling art, and the community sponsors of the festival, souvenirs etc. There are free concerts too. I’d go back to see 10,000 Maniacs but I’ve had enough of being in a crowd for now. 10,000 Maniacs, I love the the singer’s voice and just last week was listening to them on Spotify so I was happy to see they’re playing here this weekend.

scouting for plein air inspiration at the beach

sad and slightly gross

It was cloudy cool and windy out there this morning. I took my sketchbook, charcoal and a water bottle over to First Landing State Park. The sand wasn’t blowing because it’s wet. I sat on a ruined sand castle and was all set to sketch a flock of sea gulls but some other people flushed them up and they kind of hovered in the wind, which was real pretty. In the future I’d like to do bird sketches.

Every time I go out to walk I’m looking for inspiration. It’s easy to find and I always get a lot of ideas for future projects.

The water was choppy. Some guys were kite surfing.

Other than that, the only interesting subjects were a few washed up Horse Shoe Crabs. You can actually make a Horse Shoe crab look respectable with art, dignified even.

I’ll try for a sketch again tomorrow. That’s how it goes when you try to draw and paint in plein air.

What’s so bad about overthinking? / monoprint

the warrior

I often hear people say, “Don’t overthink it.” when someone is mentally stuck on any certain subject. I never studied psyche so I can only tell my own experience. I’m an over thinker and I feel fine.

If you have a busy life you might feel like you have to decide anything right then so overthinking seems bad but if you retire you have time to reflect on everything and you can figure out a lot of your own life’s problems and the problems of others. Then you can learn from it and accept it. That’s when you get some peace in your mind. You have to go over it again and again in your head. until it goes away.

The same goes for small problems. Take your time deciding, make the better decision. Don’t let anyone rush you.

This kind of life I’m living would drive you crazy if you were an extrovert. I’m neither an introvert or an extrovert so it took a long time to get used to. Now I kind of like it. I’m free. And because my life is so simple I have endless inspiration and something else money can’t buy, intuition. It’s not ESP, it comes from trying to figure out whatthehell happened and seeing trends. Do you know what I mean? A person that never contemplates never gets intuition.

I bought some nice little inspiration for $10.

begonia with buds

I’d like to draw in plein air but the weather has been so hot and humid if I don’t get moving at the crack of dawn it’s too late. Then yesterday we had a big storm (Elsa) and I heard there was a tornado in Sandbridge. I need to turn on the news and see for sure but I think the Sandbridge Rd. was flooded today. Tomorrow looks like the best day to get out early and sketch.

I think I can keep this plant alive on my balcony. It doesn’t get full sunlight since it’s facing North. I’ll try to paint the begonia next. We could have another 8 weeks of heat and humidity with some nice days once in a while. This weather is not good for your plein air artist. Got to go to plan B. for begonia.

Chicken soup For the Soul / I’m Speaking Now

Sorry about the bad photo. I didn’t see how bad it was until I had it here.

One of our fellow art bloggers, DaNice Marshall has one of her stories published in this new Chicken Soup book.

I read a few of the stories so far. You don’t have to be black to get the messages. I’m not a real emotional person but I found DaNice’s story to be moving. A white woman like me hasn’t had to deal with racism but I know this book isn’t only for black women.

It’s an inspiration to read these black women fighting society’s demons and winning. It gives me hope for a better future. I think I might live long enough to see big changes. It’s happening.

If you’re feeling down or without inspiration this could lift your spirits.