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flooded path / charcoal and chalk

Most people don’t like the king tides but I do because the path is extra pretty when it’s flooded. It’s cool and sunny but the wind is the main thing today. I thought it might be too windy to take the large canvas out but I wanted to sketch. I can hold this 11 x 14 sketchbook in one hand to draw and I don’t need my easel. The wind is pushing the water in causing the king tide with coastal flooding. And there was some rain upstream yesterday.

I stood in the middle of the path at the edge of the water to sketch. Only one guy went past me. There’s a small path on the left. I call those little paths rabbit trails but they are drier. The wind is supposed to continue all weekend but the path probably won’t stay flooded long.

Oct. 30 I walked barefoot through the flooded parts of the path. I knew it would be the last time I do that this year unless I actually buy some waders. I might.

Now I can’t decide which painting to do next. I really like this view. Should I go back to the pretty cypress tree and hog the overlook or should I hog this path? hahahah Nah, I’d move if anyone needed to go through.

scouting for plein air inspiration on the King tide / photos

Lesner Bridge on Lynnhaven Inlet

This is the highest tide I’ve seen in the 4 years I’ve lived here. I’d like to draw this bridge but the view from Pleasure House Point is swamped. It’s cloudy windy and cool. (in the low 70s) I’m still wearing shorts and sandals. Everyone is talking about how high the tide is.

expensive apartments on the other side

They recently rebuilt this bridge and the apartments butt right up to it. If I ever move over there I’d need to have the bay view. I checked it out once. I don’t need the extra amenities like a chauffeur to the airport or grocery store. The lady told me a lot of the residents only stay there over the summer but have another home. The apts. are for over age 62. It looks like parking is tight over there.

you don’t usually see this much foam on the bay.

That’s the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel on the horizon.

I was walking at Pleasure House Point yesterday and 3 days ago. The path was flooded. 3 days ago I rolled my shorts up and took my sandals off and waded through the deepest part, where it almost always has water running through, it was thigh deep, and I got across. Then yesterday it was flooded even more and when I got to the deep part it looked like it would be up to my waist so I turned around. The path I took to get out of there was flooded up to my knees in places.

that’s one corner of Pleasure House Point on the right behind the boat and barge.

One of the regular guys over there was talking to me yesterday and warned me about going barefoot, (sharp shells, germs ) I know. We were in amazement of the deep water. He told me a man that owned the property before built bulkheads and that’s where the paths are now but nature is reclaiming it. Eventually it will all be marsh again and the trees will be swamped and die out. I asked him why the water is so high and he said the wind is pushing it in.

Recently I overheard some guy talking about sea level rise when I was at P.H.P. and he said it went up 1 foot in 5 years. YIKES! I might see the end of the paths at Pleasure House Point! I might buy some waders. I was wondering if I could put my art supplies on a boogie board and float them to a dry spot because it is extra pretty over there when it’s flooded, in my opinion, but it would be impossible to carry my stuff through the flooded pathways.

another view of the Lesner Bridge

I often see guys fishing there and boats going through but not today. And its going to rain tomorrow so I’m glad I got out today even if I didn’t sketch. If I go back to this parking lot I should pay the $3 but a lady told me they don’t enforce it during the week. Today I paid because the fine is $70 or $80, I forget, but I definitely don’t want to get a ticket.

the boat launch, flooded and the walkway next to it flooded too