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a pastel landscape from 2006

I can’t remember if this is from a photo or if I did it in plein air.

I remember the scene though. It’s at Middle Creek Wildlife Preserve in Lancaster Co. PA.

I was searching through my flat files for another pastel. I remembered a time when I was in PA and took some photos and used them for reference to do pastels. I took them to show a gallery owner to ask her if I could get them hung in the gallery if I framed them. She liked plein air paintings and she asked me if I used photos. I said yes. She told me to stop that. My friend was mad at her but I knew she was right because that was drummed into my head in art school. Yes, I was kind of brainwashed back then. No using a photo for a reference. I broke the rule in school and some times after that too, but I can tell that drawing from eye to hand in plein air has made an improvement in my paintings that wouldn’t have happened if I continued to copy photos.

06 was the year I got back into art after over 20 years of not drawing. Life can stop me from drawing with a demanding job, taking care of a husband and kid, being too tired in general to concentrate on art.

This was around the time I started working in plein air so I can’t remember if this is one of the gallery rejected ones or if this is one of the first I did in plein air.

It’s raining today. I need to try to paint my little man for the Pleasure House Point painting on scrap paper a couple times and see if I can do it because he’s only 2.25 inches tall on my palette knife painting and it’s kind of a hang up stopping me from finishing the new one. So, to procrastinate a little longer on the difficult project, I went through some old paintings looking for one that I showed to my dentist back then and he made a comment I thought was funny . It was a flock of geese at Middle Creek.He said I drew 2 birds going for the same worm. I laughed and I thought maybe the doc had 2 girlfriends. I didn’t ask. I’ll get back on the palette knife painting today! For sure!