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tee shirt / maternity top hack

I saw this idea when I was ordering something for my daughter and decided to give it a try. The shirts are cheap and it doesn’t take long to do so if she doesn’t wear it it’s no loss. We often don’t see eye to eye on fashion. Sarah’s not here to try it on.

I cut the sides of the one shirt up to 1.5″ of the armhole seam. Then I cut my triangles out of the other shirt. I didn’t have a pattern so I cut them longer than I’d need. If you have too much fabric it’s better than not having enough.

Then I pinned the triangle cut in starting at the bottom on each side and when I got close to pinning at the armhole I worked it around till it fit and let the excess hang off.

I hope you can see what I mean in this photo. You can see how much of the triangle I trimmed off after sewing.

I want to make a Raggedy Ann for my granddaughter. I made one for Sarah when she was a baby and she loved hers to death. Then I had to make a back up Annie because the first one wore out. When I make this one I’ll interface the whole thing. It’s no rush, the baby will be here in Sept.

2nd maternity top I made for my daughter

she said she wanted a black print because it would be easier to accessorize.

Sarah got her test results, it’s a girl.

I was hoping for a boy because I wanted my grandchild to have every advantage in the world. I was calling the baby my new overlord. Then I said oh, it’s not an overlord it’s a princess! She said a girl can be an overlord. I said, like a warrior princess? She said yeah.

I asked her if she has a name picked out and she said yes but it’s a secret. Later she said she’s going to name her Athena. I said, not Venus? She said, no, wisdom will get you farther than love. I don’t know if she’ll name the baby Athena or if she was kidding. I said, I don’t care what you name her, I’m calling her Xena. Sarah didn’t care if I call the baby Xena because her dad and I both had pet names for her when she was a baby.

She bought some maternity clothes so she might have enough. She said if I want to continue sewing I could make things for the baby. It’s not due until Sept.

I’ll get back on painting this week.