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a quick sketch from 2006

tundra swans at Middle Creek

This sketch is about to get wasted. I’m using the back of the paper. This will get ruined so here it is to be seen for the last time.

I remember it was 06 because that was a strange time in my life. I sold the house in Chesterfield because I knew the market was in a bubble and I didn’t feel safe there alone. I put my stuff in storage and went to PA. For a couple years I bounced around between PA and VA. I was a gypsy. It was great.

I couldn’t settle down for long. I couldn’t pick another house or an apartment so I lived with this lady or that lady. Finally I got an apartment but still, I want to keep moving even up to last year.

The apt. I have now is quiet and no one is bugging me so I will probably renew my lease in April. I’m not sure. I’ll decide when I hear if the rent goes up or not.

a pastel landscape from 2006

I can’t remember if this is from a photo or if I did it in plein air.

I remember the scene though. It’s at Middle Creek Wildlife Preserve in Lancaster Co. PA.

I was searching through my flat files for another pastel. I remembered a time when I was in PA and took some photos and used them for reference to do pastels. I took them to show a gallery owner to ask her if I could get them hung in the gallery if I framed them. She liked plein air paintings and she asked me if I used photos. I said yes. She told me to stop that. My friend was mad at her but I knew she was right because that was drummed into my head in art school. Yes, I was kind of brainwashed back then. No using a photo for a reference. I broke the rule in school and some times after that too, but I can tell that drawing from eye to hand in plein air has made an improvement in my paintings that wouldn’t have happened if I continued to copy photos.

06 was the year I got back into art after over 20 years of not drawing. Life can stop me from drawing with a demanding job, taking care of a husband and kid, being too tired in general to concentrate on art.

This was around the time I started working in plein air so I can’t remember if this is one of the gallery rejected ones or if this is one of the first I did in plein air.

It’s raining today. I need to try to paint my little man for the Pleasure House Point painting on scrap paper a couple times and see if I can do it because he’s only 2.25 inches tall on my palette knife painting and it’s kind of a hang up stopping me from finishing the new one. So, to procrastinate a little longer on the difficult project, I went through some old paintings looking for one that I showed to my dentist back then and he made a comment I thought was funny . It was a flock of geese at Middle Creek.He said I drew 2 birds going for the same worm. I laughed and I thought maybe the doc had 2 girlfriends. I didn’t ask. I’ll get back on the palette knife painting today! For sure!