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Washed Ashore @ Norfolk Botanical Garden

Water Bottle Jelly / nylon ropes, water bottles, bottle caps, buoys, stitched water bottle bottoms

It stopped raining and it’s not too hot so I went to Norfolk Botanical to walk and took my camera because I wanted to have another look at these sculptures made from beach litter.

Octavia the Octopus / disposable lighters, bottle caps, beach toys, dog leash, buoys, plastic chair, plastic cooler, plastic goose decoy

You can look in under her legs and see more stuff arranged.

This looks like a lot of fun to make these junk sculptures and I hear it’s a big trend these days. I’d join in but I don’t have the space to make sculpture. When I was young I thought sculpture was more fun than drawing and painting. It’s just not practical for me to get into.

Sebastian the Puffin / bottle caps, flip flops, shoe soles, tires, disposable lighters, toy truck wheels, car oil bottles

Rufus the Triggerfish / 8 umbrella handles, flip flop factory discards, toy shovels, bottle caps, chair back, 2 legs of chairs, parts of plastic baskets, water bottles

Daisy the Polar Bear / daisies on her cheeks, cooler lids, floats, water bottles, umbrella handles, toothbrushes, soap pump, hard hat, toy tires

I couldn’t spot the daisies.

Finn the Maco Shark / toy boat, toothbrushes, spray bottle top, eyeglasses, bottle caps, lighters, tent spikes, knife handles, fan blades

Gum drop Jelly Reef / toy truck, tires, bucket, sand toys, spray bottle, golf balls, car bumper, brushes, tool box lid

Greta the Great White Shark / toy car bumper, shovel, water bottles, face mask, lighter, bottle caps, beach toys,

looking into Greta’s mouth

This is my favorite photo from today.

figure drawing

The first of two models.

My models are made of bronze and I’d like to paint them in bronze colors. I’m not sure exactly how yet, Which media to use, probably not oil paint. I still have to sketch the second dancing girl and she’s in a more difficult pose to draw. She’s leaning back. I’ll do it next week.

The back of the sculpture looks good too, so I might draw both sides. I’ll have to transfer the sketches to a larger paper. They’re holding hands while dancing.

It doesn’t make any difference how long it takes me to come up with a plan for my dancing girls. They’re not going anywhere. I might even wait till winter to do it so there will be less people at the garden and I won’t be in the way on the path.