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Behind Dunes @ Back Bay / oils

I took these pix on my balcony in the shade but the colors are better in the sun, warmer.

Close up of sedge, reflections and water

Every time I go there the water is different so I decided that when I was ready to paint water I’d paint it however it looked that day. When I got there today it was almost calm then a little breeze came up but it only broke the water a little.

Water, sedge and reflections.

You can see grass stuck on the wet paint in these photos. It’ll come off when it’s dry.

Water with reflections, sedge, background trees.

I think the smoother textures of the reflections and water look good next to the heavy textures of the sedge and trees.

This was fun to paint and not too difficult. It used up a lot of paint, though.

Back Bay underpainting and wild sea oats

It was a little windy when I got out of my car and this canvas paper flipped out of the tape. The clamps kept it from flying down the parking lot. I got some fingerprints and a few pieces of grass in the sky when I added more tape. That’s ok. I need to go over it again anyway. When it’s windy I don’t stand up my easel, I sit on beach towels and prop it up on my beach cart.

A Great Blue Heron is hanging around in there every time I’m there. I saw him catch some fish. I was thinking of painting a heron in the scene since I have a few sketches of them. All I need to do is match the grays when I’m there in Plein air.

The whole scene is mostly gray and brown and blue but I’ll be able to brighten it up a little more than it is at this step. I don’t want to force color into it, though. Nature is elegant in its true colors even in the winter, as I see it.

I did this underpainting with brushes and some of the paint that was left over from my trip to Maine in Oct. was still wet enough to rework for this. The little blobs of left over paint were under squares of plastic wrap. I want to paint the next layers with a palette knife. I like the palette knife because I don’t have to clean brushes.

These are wild sea oats. Most of the fuzz is gone but they still look pretty by the road in the sun. I see a different variety in yards that still have the fuzz and they are shaped more like long ovals than these narrower wild ones. If I can pick one of the cultivated type without getting in trouble I’ll post it. I’m not sure if I can keep these long enough to sketch them. We’ve had a lot of cloudy weather and not too cold and not much rain. Wind is coming in soon with rain.

Islands at the Schoodic Peninsula, Acadia, Maine

I heard a fog horn when I left breakfast and drove around the loop road in a fog mentally. It’s so pretty I was just day dreaming and didn’t recognize my overlook pull off because the tide was low and it looks totally different at low tide. It was a fun drive on the loop because from one spot up on the hill I was in the clear but could look down on a thick fog rolling in. It was sunny so the fog was bright. Then you go around a corner and it’s gone. If you look away for a minute it’s back. Plus, the trees are all at peak fall color on 186. Acadia has mostly pines but there are colorful trees too.

rocks with seaweed close up

Yesterday I went back out on the rocks at the point in the afternoon and looked down in the chasm at the water churning in. It was too windy. I couldn’t sketch.

I heard someone say, “Is that a seal?” So I looked where they were looking and yes it was a seal in the water with his head up looking at the people. Then he was gone.

close up of background trees and rocks in shadow

I did those skinny tree trunks with the edge of my palette knife.

Tonight I’m having lobster!!

close up of reflections

The first time I painted the water I used my modified fan brush and it looked weak so I did it again with my round brushes using a cooler gray blue and a very light tint of warm gray trying to make the direction of waves. Some times the reflection is there and then it’s gone. I wasn’t sure about painting it then decided to give it a try. Moving water is a challenge. I could use more practice. I hope this is convincing to the art viewer’s eye.

Tomorrow I’m going to drive home. And the next day. I want to come back already.

Islands at Schoodic Point / underpainting

The painting is clipped to my drawing board and taped.

This is high tide. Low tide is way way low, like Bay of Fundy low. I thought it looked more interesting at low tide but the tide was high when I went out this morning. High tide tomorrow – 10:56AM and low tide is at 5:11 PM. I’ll decide tonight if I’ll continue this at high tide or wait for low.

I’m kind of tired. Maybe I should go with high tide so I can work on it in the morning when I have more energy. All this going up and down steps everywhere is really a workout.

If I can finish one painting this week it will be an accomplishment considering how tiring the trip was and how tiring it is drawing and painting around here with the steps at all the overlooks and trails and the steps in our cabin which is an old barracks. But being out in the fresh cool air all day and all those steps will have me in shape when I get home.

I’d also like to at least get a sketch of a wave crashing on a rock. Maybe go over to Bar Harbor to shop for souvenirs. Bar Harbor was very busy yesterday. The weather is cool and breezy.

bay painting update

This is a 24 x 30 canvas. Now I wish I had a 24 x 36 so I could paint more ships out there. They look huge when they come into the picture on the right but you can see them far away too. Sometimes if you hang around there for a couple hours you can see 12 or more boats of different kinds.

I’ll go back tomorrow and paint the sky when we get some nice clouds. Today it’s sunny and only a little haze. I’ll paint the fence when I get the clouds in then I’ll have to go back with my sketchbook and do some ship sketches. I want to paint people in the scene too. The water’s still too cold to get in but the kids are working on their sand excavations in the afternoon.

It was cool with a strong breeze out of the Southeast this morning. I had to keep a hand or foot on the canvas or it would blow down. Sand got all over it and into the paint on my palette.

wave close up with sandbar

A man came over to check my progress and he said he didn’t notice the sand bar until he saw it in my painting.

OH NO! Look at all those little lines I painted! Yikes! The jurors would h8 it! You’re supposed to use big brushes and simplify! Not spend hours painting lines!! hahahaha When some well meaning person tells me to use bigger brushes I say, “Yeah, I should use big brushes.” Then I use whatever brush I want to use.

beach scene underpainting / oils

It was great to get out on the beach today, cool, (45*F.) sunny and windy at around 10mph out of the West. I faced East so the wind was on my back and not blowing my canvas down, which was standing on the sand leaning on my beach cart. I sat on a washed up board and felt fine out there but not a lot of people were on the beach.

I have big plans for this painting. It could take a while. I’d like paint pilings, dune grass, people and a ship. I’ll have to take my sketchbook and try to get sketches of people and a ship. The waves looked like they will be easy because they’re small. This is close to the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. The Atlantic is 5 miles or so East.

modern art fun / oil paint

Kayaker on rapids

This is just another fun play thing I did by slapping down some paint and scraping through it with my palette knife in different directions. I didn’t have any idea in mind, just to go with the flow.

This is me reading a story to the kids at the Y

Next week I’ll get started on another Plein air painting but it’s too windy today and will probably be windy tomorrow too.

I don’t know what this thing is.

Do you see anything in this picture?

sketch of a lotus pod / the last time this painting will ever be seen

I scouted a little park on Sandbridge Rd. where a little bridge goes over some backwater and there’s only a few places to park, which are always used when the flowers bloom. These pods were all around in the mud.

I like to look at dry sticks, pods, trees without leaves, wilted leaves and flowers, etc. Decay is beautiful. Long ago I liked to make stick arrangements. hahaha I guess a flower painting would be more marketable than a still life of sticks and pods but I’d really like to paint a stick and dead plant still life. I could take my time with that too, where with live flowers they die before I finish the painting and I have to buy more, or hurry up and paint the ones in the garden as soon as they start to bloom.

This is the painting I did a few years ago at First Landing State Park of the Chesapeake Bay and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel in the background. I was going to redo the waves on the bottom of the canvas but I just decided to throw it away and start again. Next time I’ll do better and maybe put a ship way out there or a wind surfer.

This is one of the paintings that I almost lost. Someone was planning to steal it from an art supply store that had paintings in the windows including this one. I just happened to go to the store and noticed the painting wasn’t in the window and the store manager searched and searched for it and finally found it hidden behind carts so I took it home. It was right at the door.

When I got home I noticed someone had priced it with a red marker then scribbled out the first price and wrote $40. I never priced it but I would have asked more than that for it even if the waves aren’t finished.

I’d throw it away or give it away before I’d sell it for $40. I had it behind some stuff but sometimes I thought about reworking the waves. Now it’s going in the dumpster because every once in a while I throw away art and try again.

I’m pretty sure it almost got stolen and I was happy to have it back but I can do better on another canvas.I need to buy another big canvas and get it primed and tinted.

post update / I stood the painting in front of the dumpster with a sign taped on it that said, free. I was gone for a few hours and someone took it. It was unsigned but they will know who did it. I hope it spreads good vibes to a neighbor.

Tiny Happy People Walking on the Beach / oils

This is a very long beach. Back Bay extends about 3 miles then you come to False Cape which goes on for even more miles. I think I can see over 1 mile, maybe 2.

I’m calling this one finished for now. I have a painting I worked on about 4 years ago that I’d like to rework. It’s another wave painting from First Landing State Park on the bay side. Since I have some of the colors left over from this one, I might go back to that dune on the bay and try to redo the old painting the next time weather permits.

That’s the closest my camera will zoom in. I painted these tiny people with the edge of my palette knife instead of a brush to try to make them fuzzy, out of focus, to give the illusion of aerial perspective. I think it’s working out, like, you would know those are people and not pilings. At 1/2″ these are the tiniest people I ever painted.

oops, this isn’t a good photo.

Darn it, the shine on the wet paint is showing. Oh well, you get the idea.

I went fast and loose on the sea today. It was fun.

All wave paintings I do are just one more step closer to the day I paint my wave masterpiece.

sand sea and sky underpainting / oils

It was so nice on the beach today, sunny and cool with a breeze from the South. The sound of the waves is relaxing. You hear it for a while then when you get into the painting you don’t notice the sound again until you take a break. There were only a few people. The peacefulness sticks with you for a while after you leave.

That’s why I want to go back to the old ways for this painting. When I use complimentary colors it seems to give the scene an angsty mood and I’d rather project the peace even if the colors are muted.

I mean, can I paint something more beautiful than nature? Impossible. so I might as well try to copy the colors and values of nature. That’s one thing I like about painting in Plein air. If I could capture that it would mean more to me than my experimentations with colors. Plus, it is kind of fun sitting there mixing colors and comparing to nature. Do I need this color to be lighter or darker, warmer or cooler. It’s a step most artists skip because the exact color isn’t the most important thing to them and they want to start painting already.

It’s a very simple scene. Even the waves looked easy today. They’re small. It’s a workout getting my art supplies out on the beach. The beach cart makes it possible but it always gets my heart rate up when I climb over the dune. Maybe it won’t take a lot of trips to finish this. I have some colors mixed up for tomorrow.