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Bigfoot with upside-down tree / scratchboard

6 foot human for scale

I watched a series on Discovery+ called “Alaska Triangle” that shows all kinds of unexplained scary phenomena happening in Alaska. They feature Bigfoot in a few of the episodes and I never really believed in Bigfoot, like, why didn’t anyone kill a Bigfoot and prove their existence? After watching the show I had to consider they might be real.

One Bigfoot hunter went to Kodiak Island where the people believe they are living close to Bigfoots and they might be in danger because the Bigfoots make their presence known and keep the humans on the coast but the rest of the island belongs to Bigfoot. The guy went to a place on Kodiak where Bigfoots jammed dead trees into the ground with roots to the sky. It showed the man walking on a trail way up in the wilderness with a cameraman and he actually finds upside-down trees, said to mark the Bigfoot territory. Then the guy got scared and didn’t go farther, so, no actual footage of a Bigfoot.

They said it would be impossible for weak humans to do that to a tree and why would they? This is how the Bigfoot warns you of its strength and how easy it would be to kill you. Which got me thinking.

Could a human turn a tree upside-down without heavy equipment? I think, maybe a couple guys could do it. Ancient humans raised stone pillars without modern machines by using leverage, so why not a tree upside-down?

Then, why would a human turn a tree upside-down way out there in the middle of nowhere? To scare lawmen away from a still or a pot farm? A still would be impractical so far away from a corn field. Could you grow corn on Kodiak Island? It doesn’t look like it would be possible. Could you grow pot there? I don’t know, maybe.

Now I can’t decide if I believe in Bigfoot or not after seeing the upside-down trees. But the series is good and kind of scary, in my opinion, even though it’s repetitive. They keep saying over and over, 16,000 people have gone missing in the past 30 years. Could that be true? And if its true why didn’t I hear about it before? Consider the size of Alaska. It looks like 1/3 of the total land of the US., The roads don’t go very far into it. You can see it from the coast on a boat, or from a plane, but you can’t drive all the way through. Also, a lot of adventurers might go there to test their survival skills and die of starvation or get eaten by bears. Maybe a lot of criminals go there to hide and they freeze in the winter, or maybe a lot of people just want to escape society for legit reasons and go there but die in the harsh conditions. But 16,000 people in 30 years? Does that sound like a true fact to you?

Do you believe in supernatural shape shifters coming to Alaska through portals caused by electromagnetic disturbances in the atmosphere? UFOs? Did you know there’s an underground pyramid larger than the ones at Giza which is made of black stone and is being kept secret by the govt., but it’s a place where UFOs refuel? That’s not to mention ghosts, sea monsters (which could be real) alternate dimensions, etc.

Are ghost ships for real? Do planes vanish off radar and when they go searching for wreckage there’s none to be found? Big planes loaded with people and military? Anyway, Alaska beats Arizona and New Mexico for weird, 10 to 1.