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I just got ROBBED!


Crap. I got the keys to my new apt and they were sticking in the lock. I hauled my 3 favorite paintings up the steps with 4 or 5 big flat cardboard folders full of drawings and pastels and watercolors on paper. There was a lot of art paper in the folders too. I couldn’t open the door or get my key out of the lock so I ran back to the office which is only about 50 yards but they were closed. It was 5:00. so I went back to my apt and my stuff was gone! I left it leaning against the door because it was so heavy to lug back down. I was only gone 5 min. tops. One of my new neighbors robbed me. The magnolia painting is gone.

IMG_2429 (1)

The swamp painting I worked on for months is gone. I filed a police report and called the apt. maintenance guy and told him to look for my paintings when he goes into the apts. Technically it’s larceny not robbery.


The Chinese paper bush painting is gone and all the best drawings I did for so many years are gone.

They can’t sell that stuff.

I’ll keep driving over there in case they change their mind and put it back out by my door. but damn. Just when I thought I was so lucky.