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a true story and abstract art / acrylics

Strange things happen to me with alarming frequency. I see weird stuff and people tell me weird stuff. It leaves me wondering. This story is about one of those times.

I was invited to paint on someone’s private property so I went there and they had an old barn that was leaning and looked like it would fall down in the next big wind so I decided to do a painting of the barn.

After going there a bunch of times I was finishing the barn painting and stepped away from it when I saw something move out of the underbrush. It was a box turtle walking over to me from about 20 feet away. I just stood there and watched but questions were already flying through my brain.

It was late summer and the first thing that worried me was, do turtles bite? Do turtles carry rabies? I met a pretty nasty snapper turtle once that I tried to rescue off a road but couldn’t because that turtle wanted to bite my finger off but this was a box turtle and seemed friendly.

The turtle walked right up to me and stopped at my feet and looked up at me. I didn’t move and neither did he. I didn’t say anything and neither did he.

Then the turtle spoke to me through mental telepathy. It said, “You got anything to eat?”

I answered the turtle with my mind and said, “I have a donut but I can’t share it with you. It’ll only make you thirsty and it’s too dry out here.”

The turtle silently said, “Awww, C’mon, I’ll be fine.” But I just stood there in amazement and didn’t give him the donut.

He glared at me in anger for a minute or so and acted like I was the stupidest human he ever met. Then he finally turned around and walked away so I started packing my art supplies to go home.

Then I heard some angry bird squawking so I looked up and saw a crow chasing a red tailed hawk right over my head.

Before I left I stopped in at the house to thank the man and tell him I was finished so I told him what happened with the turtle.

He said there are so many turtles out there it’s crazy when he mows the grass. He has to keep stopping and moving turtles so he doesn’t kill them with the mower. He feeds them. hahahahah

sketch of the Maya corn god and weird dream

He’s made of terra cotta at the VMFA

This morning I woke up at the crack of dawn and turned on the weather channel. It was cold and there was news of a huge traffic jam on 95 in VA. that people were stuck in their cars all night because of snow. I went back to sleep on the sofa and this is what I dreamed.

I was outside and a lot of people were walking around, then Donald Trump came out of a building and he was mad! He said, “Where’s Eddie!?” some people pointed in Eddie’s direction so I ran ahead of Trump and found him. Eddie was a guy I knew years ago that dated one of my friends. I ran up to him and said,” Eddie, you have to run and hide! Trump is after you!” He looked at me like he didn’t care, like he was extremely bored. Then Trump’s men started to Duct tape Eddie to a pillar and Trump was going to flog him!

I yelled out, ” Mr. Trump, Stop!” and Trump looked at me as if to say, “Whothehell are you?” I heard clapping and looked. Across the street some people from India were sitting on a stoop clapping because I stopped Trump. I knew they were from India by their clothes.

I sat down at a bar because I wanted to order some food and Trump sat right on top of me! He was facing away from me but holding me down. I said to Trump, “It’s a good thing you didn’t flog Eddie, you would have caused yourself a worse problem than Eddie ever caused you.” He didn’t answer.

A few minutes later I was still hungry and I said, “Mr. Trump, do you want to get lunch?” He was surprised. He said, “You want lunch?” I said, “Did you already eat?” Then he let me up and I started walking. Everyone was walking and it was crowded.

I was supposed to go to PA. and pick up my Dad and bring him to VA. ( My Dad died in 2001.) I was tired and hungry. It’s a long walk. I tried to call my Dad to say I’d be late, but when I dialed the area code the numbers changed. I thought, darn it, I need a new phone and a car. I kept walking.

A bunch of people were working under a bridge. They had a table set up. A lady said to me, “You’ve been here before.” I walked on some more.

I passed a place where they were setting up for a concert. It was an Elton John look alike who called himself Pelton. They were setting up a buffet and I grabbed some ham and cheese off the buffet and kept walking.

Then I woke up.

That’s my dream. Do you think it has any meaning? Or is it random stuff in my subconscious? I haven’t thought of Eddie for years because I think my friend might be dead. I tried to call her years ago and left messages but she never called me back, which is weird because we hung around a lot and had some good times back then.

I drew the corn god years ago and pulled him out of the flat file for this post.

Bigfoot with upside-down tree / scratchboard

6 foot human for scale

I watched a series on Discovery+ called “Alaska Triangle” that shows all kinds of unexplained scary phenomena happening in Alaska. They feature Bigfoot in a few of the episodes and I never really believed in Bigfoot, like, why didn’t anyone kill a Bigfoot and prove their existence? After watching the show I had to consider they might be real.

One Bigfoot hunter went to Kodiak Island where the people believe they are living close to Bigfoots and they might be in danger because the Bigfoots make their presence known and keep the humans on the coast but the rest of the island belongs to Bigfoot. The guy went to a place on Kodiak where Bigfoots jammed dead trees into the ground with roots to the sky. It showed the man walking on a trail way up in the wilderness with a cameraman and he actually finds upside-down trees, said to mark the Bigfoot territory. Then the guy got scared and didn’t go farther, so, no actual footage of a Bigfoot.

They said it would be impossible for weak humans to do that to a tree and why would they? This is how the Bigfoot warns you of its strength and how easy it would be to kill you. Which got me thinking.

Could a human turn a tree upside-down without heavy equipment? I think, maybe a couple guys could do it. Ancient humans raised stone pillars without modern machines by using leverage, so why not a tree upside-down?

Then, why would a human turn a tree upside-down way out there in the middle of nowhere? To scare lawmen away from a still or a pot farm? A still would be impractical so far away from a corn field. Could you grow corn on Kodiak Island? It doesn’t look like it would be possible. Could you grow pot there? I don’t know, maybe.

Now I can’t decide if I believe in Bigfoot or not after seeing the upside-down trees. But the series is good and kind of scary, in my opinion, even though it’s repetitive. They keep saying over and over, 16,000 people have gone missing in the past 30 years. Could that be true? And if its true why didn’t I hear about it before? Consider the size of Alaska. It looks like 1/3 of the total land of the US., The roads don’t go very far into it. You can see it from the coast on a boat, or from a plane, but you can’t drive all the way through. Also, a lot of adventurers might go there to test their survival skills and die of starvation or get eaten by bears. Maybe a lot of criminals go there to hide and they freeze in the winter, or maybe a lot of people just want to escape society for legit reasons and go there but die in the harsh conditions. But 16,000 people in 30 years? Does that sound like a true fact to you?

Do you believe in supernatural shape shifters coming to Alaska through portals caused by electromagnetic disturbances in the atmosphere? UFOs? Did you know there’s an underground pyramid larger than the ones at Giza which is made of black stone and is being kept secret by the govt., but it’s a place where UFOs refuel? That’s not to mention ghosts, sea monsters (which could be real) alternate dimensions, etc.

Are ghost ships for real? Do planes vanish off radar and when they go searching for wreckage there’s none to be found? Big planes loaded with people and military? Anyway, Alaska beats Arizona and New Mexico for weird, 10 to 1.

weird things I found in my oyster

Sometimes I tell people that weird things happen to me on a pretty regular basis and that I see weird things that other people don’t see. They act like I’m making it up. Here’s proof.

I ordered 6 steamed James River oysters. They were so delicious like a real delicacy but overpriced. I doused them with hot sauce and inhaled them and wanted more but next time I’ll buy regular oysters.

Anyway, when I was looking for another morsel but there were no more morsels, I found these two baby crabs in my shells. Did you ever find a baby crab in your oysters? Just me? did you ever figure oysters would eat baby crabs? I never knew!

I’m not one who believes in omens. I’m not at all superstitious and I’m PA Dutch so I know about superstition in PA. If I did believe in omens I’d think this was a good sign. Two free crabs?! Hell yeah! I’m not eating these babies. I wonder if they are really crabs. I don’t see claws. hmmm.


plein air painting from a couple years ago and scary thing that was a false alarm but weird

The painting is long to fit in the window at Jerry’s Artarama. They asked artists to paint on canvases to fit in the store windows to block the view of the merchandise racks from the outside of the store. This was in front of a rack of paper so I thought it would be safe because they’d have to move a lot of paper to take it out of the window. It was in the window for a couple years and I wanted to get it back and rework the water but didn’t ask because I knew it would be difficult to get it out of there.

So, today I went there to buy some things and my painting was replaced by a tiger. I asked where my painting was and the guys didn’t know. The girl that arranges the windows would be out for a couple days. I gave them my phone number but expressed my concern about it with out acting too alarmed because I’m really cool in weird situations, but I was afraid it was stolen. The manager didn’t even remember the painting and he worked there for a year!

He went around the whole place looking for it and finally spotted it in a window behind shopping carts. You could only see the sky. The rest was blocked. No one would ever notice it. I was so relieved to see it. I took it home, never to be on display again! They still have some empty windows but instead they hid it.

Every time you put a painting out there you run the risk of losing it. Now, if I want to throw it away that’s one thing, but if it goes missing that would be kind of upsetting. I used to worry when entering shows in those huge sprawling non profits with back doors and no one’s watching that someone would walk out with one of mine. It did happen to a guy and the newspaper did a report on it. That artist said it was worth the loss for the publicity and sales he got afterwards but I know if it happens to me it wouldn’t make the news.

I wonder why the store didn’t just call me or email me and say it was time to pick it up? That I could understand. But hide it behind carts? Next to the front door where it was easy to slide out? Makes no sense. That also reminds me of the non profits because they liked to mainly reject my paintings but when they got hung they were in the hallway, or way up high, or next to the bathroom, or in a corner or some place I had to hunt for them, like behind a sculpture.

I’m really glad I got this one back.

It’s the view from the beach side at First Landing State Park looking out over the Chesapeake Bay at the bridge tunnel. This is a close up.

omg. I just looked at the back of the painting and someone had put a price on it of $40. This is looking more like a plan to rob me. That’s another weird thing because someone tried to rob me earlier this year and made off with a bunch of my art and I got it all back, except one thing I can remember which they didn’t return. That thing was a drying rack I made from stretcher strips and button twine. It’s possible they kept more of my art and I just don’t remember what I had because it was all my good stuff from so many years, since I regularly cull my collection and toss the old stuff I don’t want.

Now I feel like someone up there is watching out for me because I only went to the store because a fellow blogger told me to buy a different kind of palette knife.

So, Thanks to God!

underpainting for magnolias / story


My life has been weird so far. I see a lot of strange things, people tell me strange things, weird stuff happens around me that leaves me thinking w.t.h. just happened. Normally I don’t talk about it because I don’t want to worry others, but this is too much. I’ll tell you what happened yesterday.

I was home working on my painting and taking a break to heat up some food in the microwave when I heard a LOUD bang! I looked around but had no idea where it came from. I was blaming the guy upstairs when I heard a knock at my door. It was a guy who looked scared so I opened the door. He asked me if I’m ok. I said yes I’m ok, what happened? He said he was cleaning his gun and it went off! (the idiot) I asked him where the shot went and he said about 5 feet behind me. I looked but didn’t see a bullet hole. He said it must have gone into a beam. The guy wanted to come in and talk to me. I said no. Then he offered me $500. He was afraid I’d call the cops. I don’t want to call the cops on my noisy neighbors, I think they’re soldiers and soldiers get a pass from me on the noise. The guy was very worried and kept apologizing over and over. He offered me the $500 three times. Normally I wouldn’t accept money but yesterday I said ok, I’ll take the money. It would probably be a $500 fine if I reported it and he would get in big trouble if he is in the navy, but I didn’t ask. So then he went back to his apt and got the $500 and brought it back up to me. He kept saying if there’s anything I need, to knock on his door any time.

Now this is only one story. Imagine if I told you hundreds of weird things like that. You’d think god was f—–g with me. I don’t know what to think. I’m not saying some supernatural power has any interest in me, but I certainly see a lot of coincidences and random flukes of the universe.

One funny thing about it was that when I was drinking my tea yesterday morning I was thinking about how there’s no need to worry about getting cancer from smoking. I’m smoking whenever I want to because there’s a million ways to die and I’m not afraid. I was giving myself a big pat on the back for being so fearless. Then my neighbor was probably worried I’d freak out.  I never freak out. I’m so calm it’s ridiculous. I should be a zen master.

This weird stuff that happens to me, I can’t keep it out of my paintings. There’s a dark and dangerous part of life that I stare straight at. I don’t try to put it in my paintings, but I can see it in there. I think the viewer can see it too but not identify it. It gives an interest to the shadows in my paintings. It’s not too scary for the viewer because they don’t know my weird life stories.

This is only a start on the painting. I’ve been packing to move in the end of March. I’d stay, but they’re making everyone move out one block at a time for renovations. Then the rent will go way up. I like the apt and no one is really bugging me, but the guy upstairs is noisy. It’s just not worth it to pay $200 more a month for the new appliances they’re putting in.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can get back out to paint in plein air and finish this before I move. Or maybe I can paint it at home. I’ve made good progress on packing and still have plenty of time.

Daffodils / mixed media


I’m not crazy about the yellows I got with my oil paint sticks for this one. I hoped it would look yellower on a violet background. They’re still too green. I might try again with pastels next time it doesn’t rain. But I saw some other plants blooming that I also want to sketch so I’m not sure if I’ll continue sketching daffodils or just wait until next year and do a painting of them.

Today when I got back to my car in the parking lot at the botanical garden, I saw a squirrel sitting at my front tire with something big and white in its mouth. When I got in the car the squirrel ran over to the trees but came right back. I sat there for a few minutes getting my things together for my next stop and the squirrel came back to my car. I heard this scratching sound under my car and got out to look. The squirrel ran away but came back and started scratching again so I started the car and he only went about 15 ft. from the car then came back. I inched forward and saw him going to the trees. I wonder what he was stealing off my car. That was weird.